| Trips | Coyote Gulch November 23-24, 2018
Coyote Gulch
Date: November 23-24, 2018
Location: Southern Utah
I'd climbed up from the Escalante River out via the crack-in-the-wall after a couple packrafting trips, but I hadn't been through Coyote Gulch proper in six years. Jon suggested we take advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday and go down. Niece and nephew Cassidy and Jake joined us. We camped at the water tank, braving some relentless wind, but the next morning was beautiful. Coyote had a ton of water in it, similar to, if not more so, than when we did it in December. So strange. Coyote never fails to deliver, and this time was no exception...we even found the pictographs that Jon's brother told us about - bonus!
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