| Trips | Mount Timpanogos July 6, 2019
Mount Timpanogos
July 6, 2019 - Northern Utah
9.6 mi  /  5,253 ft
Timpa-freaking-nogos. :) After our "failed" (I didn't really expect to summit) bid in early May of this year, I knew I had to get to the summit at some point, and the snow was going fast. Another solo trip (two 11ers in 3 days) for me as either no one was interested, or had the snow gear/expertise. There was some crazy avalanche that must have rolled through the lower portion of the trail, 'cause it looked like a bomb had gone off...trees snapped like twigs...there was even some hard icy snow left from it. The snow climbing was good this year, with the exception of descending Primrose, which stayed harder than I expected.
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