| Trips | Isle Royale National Park September 2, 2019
Isle Royale National Park
September 2, 2019 - Northern Michigan
4.9 mi  /  98 ft
I only had two remaining national parks in the lower 48, and so a Labor Day summer finale trip hitting them up seemed like the thing to do. I'd tried to get to Isle Royale once before, back in 2016, but was unable to book a boat or plane to it. This time I booked passage to the island FIRST. :) It was a long drive to Copper Harbor, and then a 3.5-hour rough "seas" ferry over to the island (nearly lost my cookies). I only had a short time on the island so I did a quick 5 or so mile loop hike to Scoville Point near Rock Harbor. The weather cooperated and it was a very pretty, pristine Lake Superior island.
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