| Trips | Buckley Mountain March 22, 2020
Buckley Mountain
March 22, 2020 - Northern Utah
5.5 mi  /  4,613 ft
Welcome to 2020! We live in crazy times. I'm hoping that in a few months time I can look back at this whole Coronavirus business and laugh. But for the moment it's pretty scary as the death count mounts and the economy tanks. But in lighter news, I did my spring climbing season kickoff Buckley hike. :) I ended up going by myself, and I got a bit of a late start...combine that with the fact that there was a TON of snow in the mountains (more than anticipated) it was some pretty brutal trailblazing up Yeti. And the bob ended up being subpar, too. Oh well, it was good to get out and on top of something!
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