| Trips | Delano Peak June 21, 2020
Delano Peak
June 21, 2020 - Southern Utah
3.4 mi  /  1,703 ft
Alisa's boss loves the Eagle Point Resort area in the Tushar Mountains near Beaver (she actually recently bought a condo there), so we decided to do a more subdued, Covid-friendly trip and check it out. We did some mountain biking at the resort trails (not bad, a little rocky for my taste) and also hiked to the top of Delano Peak, the highest Tushar at a tad over 12,000 feet. The Tushars are the 3rd highest range in Utah behind the Uintas and La Sals. Delano, despite being the highest, is not the most dramatic and was a pretty straightforward hike. I'd like to come back and hit up some of the more rugged-looking peaks.
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