| Trips | Hidden Lakes Basin August 13-14, 2020
Hidden Lakes Basin
August 13-14, 2020 - Northern Utah
13.2 mi  /  3,531 ft
As lanep.org enters its 3rd decade (waxing poetic), I decided to take advantage of my last bit of time furloughed from my job to do something I'd been thinking about for awhile...a solo backpacking trip on Timpanogos. I knew I wanted to go up Primrose and stay somewhere in the Hidden Lakes Basin area...and then just spend some time there and also Emerald Lake rather than just blow by them on a through-hike like I usually do. It was all quite beautiful and went well...not to mention seeing like a bajillion mountain goats...but for some reason I didn't sleep very well. Oh well. Also sporting a "covid beard" for the moment. :)
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