| Trips | Mount Timpanogos July 10, 2021
Mount Timpanogos
July 10, 2021 - Northern Utah
16.4 mi  /  4,446 ft
Timpanogos summit #62! I'd done Timpanogos just three weeks earlier, but some former coworkers were going and they didn't have to twist my arm TOO hard, as you might imagine. :) Since the snow is all but gone, I didn't even plan on a glacier slide. We went up AND back down the Timpooneke side, which I haven't done in a long time, and was a nice change of pace. I also took a couple of the guys (Dan and Aaron) over to the B-25 plane wreckage, and up the death chute. Ah, memories. I'm not gonna lie, it was tougher than I remembered! I also saw my nephew Caleb on his way back from a sunrise Timp summit.
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