| Trips | Santaquin Peak April 30, 2022
Santaquin Peak
April 30, 2022 - Northern Utah
5.3 mi  /  4,445 ft
It's been awhile since I had an official lanep.org trip. This has been a sub-par snow year, and the snow is starting to melt fast as it warms up. I believe this is the latest in the year I've ever done this route, and there was definitely less snow, but it still had some amazing "nature's halfpipe" going on, especially that middle third of the route. I also really needed this summit as a litmus test for where I am physically 'cause we're going to do a Zion-area backpack this coming weekend...needed to know I'm up for it. :) Anyway, I was happy to summit (wasn't necessarily the plan) on a really nice day and did okay physically.
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