| Trips | Salt River April 7, 2023
Salt River
April 7, 2023 - Arizona
10.3 mi  /  328 ft
Rafting the Salt River had been on my radar ever since I'd been in the area way back in 2006 when we did Cibecue Canyon. Since it's scorching hot Arizona, the rafting season is much earlier than other parts of the country. The drive out to the put in (about 2 hours east of Phoenix) was actually quite pretty, apparently it's the "green" time of year. The river had quite a bit of spice, as well, with 10 or so pretty large class III rapids. It was pretty fun, with lots of splashing even in a big raft...in a packraft it would have been crazy. I should have brought a gopro...phone camera was put away during the good stuff. Doh.
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