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April 4-10, 2005
Week 1 of 13 | Contest 1

Photo Info: The POTW is BACK! YEAH! :) This is in Moab near a hill called "Potato Salad" during the Jeep Safari. We were watching the drunk rednecks trying to climb it when I saw this precious moment and acted quickly to immortalize it...

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
Congratulations to this week's winner:
Lane Pollock

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Lane You might be a redneck feed beer to a blind man's seeing eye dog and think it's funny. Add a Comment View Comments (4) 18 6.67 -
2 Jordan H Luckily for this dog, whatever happens in Moab.........stays in Moab. Add a Comment 18 6.56 -
3 Michelle "What? Hell no, it ain't bad to give beer to a dog. Shoot, I been drinkin' beer since I was nine--ain't a damn thing wrong with me." Add a Comment 18 6.44 -
4 Meghan That's just who's going to be the designated driver? Add a Comment 18 6.22 -
5 Michelle "Yeah, ol' Sparky here likes 'im a good beer--but I tell you whut--he is one nasty sumbitch when he's drunk. That's why I don't give 'im thuh hard stuff no more." Add a Comment 18 6.17 -
6 Jordan H After taking this photo, Lane couldn't wait to get home to feed his cat some beer. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 18 6.06 -
7 Shelley The inhumaneness shocks me... giving Rover some Budweiser when CLEARLY he should be drinking Bud Light! Add a Comment View Comments (1) 18 5.83 -
8 Jeff T Aw heck, anybody could do a better job driving your jeep up that hill if they was drunk enough. Watch this... Add a Comment View Comments (1) 18 5.78 -
9 Mike K Lane made a cool $300 buy selling this picture to PETA. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 18 5.78 -
10 Donna If there is one thing I know, it is how to get a girl wasted! Add a Comment 18 5.72 -
11 Lane Cooter decides to let his dog drive the truck this year on their annual Potato Salad pilgrimage and begins to give him the necessary preparations. Add a Comment 18 5.56 -
12 Mike K This guy's wife is now thinking it wasn't such a great idea to get a small dog for parental practice. Add a Comment 18 5.56 -
13 Steve It's a Dog'gone shame when a good drink'n buddy's hard to find. Add a Comment 18 5.56 -
14 Nate Tasting the dog slime on his next sip will be the worst part of it all. Add a Comment 18 5.39 -
15 Anonymous Okay boy, you got the scent? Now find Bubba boy, find Bubba. Add a Comment 19 5.32 -
16 Brent Don't be so hard on this guy, he's just following the basic redneck principle that if you don't give your dog beer, it gets uglier and starts to look like your girlfriend. Add a Comment 18 5.28 -
17 Brent If this guy doesn't feed his dog beer, the guy will end up being the dumber of the two animals Add a Comment 18 5.22 -
18 Joel What you can't see in this picture is what the dog is doing to that other guys' pants. Apparently alcohol goes straight through canines Add a Comment 18 5.17 -
19 Brent This here dawg's a gonna pull our jeep up this hill, he a needs somethin' to "strengten him up" first. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 18 5.00 -
20 Joel Some people will do anything to get action. Add a Comment 18 4.83 -
21 Leena I'm not your can opener dude! Add a Comment 18 4.72 -
22 Lane Wife-beater-boy gives new meaning to "screwing the pooch". Add a Comment 18 4.50 -
23 Leena The only way to wash down dog food. Add a Comment 18 4.44 -
24 Leena Another wannabe clydesdale! Add a Comment 18 4.33 -
25 Jordan H Wait a second, I thought today was sleeveless shirt day.... Not hooded sweatshirt day? O well, at least Ive got a dog and a beer. Add a Comment 18 4.28 -
26 Joel Bubba preps fido for Moab's annual Plastered Dog Show! Add a Comment 18 4.17 -
27 Nick Like Father like Son Add a Comment 19 4.16 -
28 Brent Lane "Oh c'mon dude, if your gonna give your dog soda, at least give him some Diet Mt. Dew!" Add a Comment View Comments (1) 18 3.94 -
29 Mike K Like owner, like dog... Add a Comment 18 3.94 -
30 Brent Dog: "I like this stuff, it tastes like when I lick my crotch." Add a Comment 18 3.67 -
31 Joel Yo quiero Budweiser! Add a Comment 18 3.61 -
32 Casey The fith generation of Spud Mackenzie!! Add a Comment View Comments (5) 18 3.39 -
33 Morgan (upper left corner) What about that guy?! Add a Comment View Comments (5) 18 3.33 -