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March 5-11, 2007
Week 9 of 13 | Contest 8

Photo Info: This week makes 100 in-a-row for POTW (3rd edition). Yay! Anyway, this is another upload of the large-shoed one himself, in trouble with the law.

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
Congratulations to this week's winner:
William Newcomb

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 William With America becoming fatter and fatter, Ronald was charged with inciting childhood obesity and the intent to distribute secret sauce to a minor. Add a Comment 15 5.80 -
2 Lane Having been kicked in the "McNuggets" for the third time this week, Ronald begins to wonder if doing these kiddie parties on the side is worth the extra money... Add a Comment 15 5.33 -
3 Sara Weeeeeeeeeeee! A kid at heart, Ronald still enjoys a good swing now and then. Add a Comment 15 5.07 -
4 Lane When asked what he was doing next to the statue of Grimace, Mr. McDonald responded, "I'm lovin' it." He was booked on 3 counts of public indecency... Add a Comment 15 5.07 -
5 Cassie I'm not loitering. This is my job! Add a Comment 15 4.53 -
6 Jason Roger tried his "Wanna See My Big Mac?" prank just one too many times. Add a Comment 15 4.53 -
7 Jordan H Being a cop is tough, thankless work. But when you see the looks on the kids faces when you tell them you found the plastic Ronald in the's all worth it.
Add a Comment
15 4.47 -
8 Alison "I've been framed! I didn't steal all those hamburgers. The Hamburglar did it! Don't you believe me?" Add a Comment 15 4.40 -
9 Jonathan Casey: "Ah crap! Who's going to sign my paycheck?" Add a Comment View Comments (2) 15 4.40 -
10 Jason Sara could barely contain her frustration as the bishopric escorted the newest member of the ward into the chapel. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 15 4.20 -
11 Lane "You know Bob, this is actually a pretty quiet town...but there's always some clown that insists on disturbing the peace." Add a Comment 15 4.07 -
12 Michael Losing customers by the hundreds, Ronald starts taking matters into his own hands.

"Don't do it guys, we have salads too!" Add a Comment
16 3.88 -
13 Lane "The jig is up, Mr. Jackson...perhaps you should consider women?" Add a Comment View Comments (1) 15 3.87 -
14 Jonathan The chief was well aware of the manic-depressive nature of clowns, and his suicide stake-out on Ronald after the Clown-of-the-Year ceremony payed off big. Add a Comment 15 3.87 -
15 Heather P Police were puzzled after finding the McDonald's lovable mascot Friday morning, frozen stiff and surrounded by dozens of empty McFlurrie cups and Big Mac boxes. Some suspect foul play from the chicken industry. Other's blame it on Ronald's recent therapy sessions from the Hamburgler. But most think that Ronald finally realized how badly his hair contrasted with his jump suit and gorged himself to death on the food whose popularity had caused him so much pain, misery and largeness of posterior. Add a Comment 16 3.69 -
16 Sara Cop: Sir, you said you would cooperate.
Ronald: My feet were crossed! Ha! Add a Comment
15 3.60 -
17 Jonathan Habeas Corpus McDonaldus. Add a Comment 15 3.47 -
18 Jason In Los Angeles, incidents of "Clownist" police abuse have reached a terrible peak. Add a Comment 15 3.33 -
19 Joel This photo is symbolic of the public enforcement of better health leading to the downfall of mega-corp establishment in the food industry. The strong background lighting correlates to the dawning of a new day for individual-based nutrition. The park scenery beautifully connotes the natural and organic trend in modern food consumption. Add a Comment 15 3.33 -
20 Jason "Hey common! I was just clowin' around!" Add a Comment 15 3.27 -
21 Jordan H Heroes! Add a Comment View Comments (2) 15 3.13 -