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March 12-18, 2007
Week 10 of 13 | Contest 8

Photo Info: A couple grizzly bears. One's wet. :)

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
Congratulations to this week's winner:
Brad Singley

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Brad Don't tell me you entered one of those "wet fur contests" again! Add a Comment View Comments (1) 16 5.56 -
2 Lane As he gets doused by another water balloon from a passing car, Bart the bear gets some advice from his buddy: "Look, I know you want to go maul the hell out of one of them, but they give us FREE FOOD. Now keep it together!" Add a Comment 16 5.44 -
3 Jonathan "Now shake it off and growl...nice work. I told you that if you did something out of the ordinary you could get that guy to take your picture." Add a Comment 16 5.06 -
4 Jonathan Don't even think about it, can't you see I haven't shaved and I'm retaining water? Add a Comment 16 4.31 -
5 Lane The polar bear's plan to infiltrate the sleuth of grizzlies ALMOST worked. The fur color was perfect, but he neglected to take into account how much warmer it was that far south. Add a Comment 16 4.25 -
6 Michelle Did you get drunk and fall in the river again? Jim, how could you? And on the night my parents are here for dinner! Add a Comment 16 4.19 -
7 Lane Bullying is not a strictly human phenomenon: "Where's my FISH, huh?? You get back in that river and don't come out until you have one..." Add a Comment 16 3.94 -
8 Jason #1 Movie in the Animal Kingdom: "Brokeback Mountain, The Bear Essentials" Add a Comment 16 3.88 -
9 Jason Lane decided to use the photo selection this week as a not so subtle call for more POTW picture submissions. Add a Comment 16 3.81 -
10 Loren The worst part about bear sex?............ the cleanup. Add a Comment 16 3.75 -
11 Jonathan A rain storm's a bruin. Add a Comment 16 3.75 -
12 Mark Jimmy! Don't you dare track water into my living room! Add a Comment 16 3.69 -
13 Michelle "Dude, you still smell like butt. Use soap next time." Add a Comment 16 3.50 -
14 Jason As Greg's companions quickly learned, eating a human causes a bear to experience massive perspiration. Luckily, the tired bear was unable to persue them and they were able to escape thanks to Greg's selfless sacrifice. Add a Comment 16 3.50 -
15 Jonathan Jenkins was so embearassed that he wet himself. Add a Comment 16 3.44 -
16 Heather P "Psst...Hey, dude...I'm telling you this as a friend. Buy deodorant that comes WITH an anti-perspirant."

"Oh, man! You can get them together?"

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17 3.35 -
17 Lane "What the? Is that porridge? Damn, that Goldilocks is one hard to please little girl..." Add a Comment 16 3.25 -
18 Jason During certain solar flare events, Aquaman discovered he can quickly change into a bear. Add a Comment 16 2.94 -
19 David Mom: Bobby, If I have told you once, I've told you a million times not to play in the water. Now, look at you, you are dripping all over everything!

Bobby: Gosh mom...... you never let me have any fun.
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16 2.50 -