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March 19-25, 2007
Week 11 of 13 | Contest 8

Photo Info: This was a photo I found off Flickr's "interesting photos from the last 7 days" section. Not sure what would possess a dude to put his hand right there...

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
Congratulations to this week's winner:
Steve Strong

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Steve And that's why they call me lefty. Add a Comment View Comments (2) 14 6.36 -
2 Terry a little to the left.... now up a little... more... there, there... now down...ahhhhhh Add a Comment 14 5.64 -
3 Lane Although a risky proposition, there was only one way to find out FOR SURE if the Vulcan Nerve Pinch worked on great white sharks... Add a Comment 14 5.29 -
4 Lane The worst part of working with great whites was "big yellow suppository" time...but Bob found they were more cooperative after a relaxing rub down. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 14 5.29 -
5 Michelle "Frank Powers: Shark Dentist"--Premieres April 15th on Fox! Add a Comment 14 5.14 -
6 Michelle Shark: "...out of the sea...wish I could be...part of your world!"
Lenny: "Yeah, yeah, I know. But you're a shark. Now get back in the water." Add a Comment
14 4.86 -
7 Michelle Once again, the shark was no match for Randy in their weekly tickle fight. Add a Comment 14 4.79 -
8 Joel Coming this summer..."The Shark Whisperer" starring Tom Cruise. Add a Comment 14 4.43 -
9 Lane "I'm sorry my friend, you didn't get the part. Mr. Spielberg said he was looking for a little bigger and more menacing. Oh, and you've only got 2 rows of teeth..." Add a Comment 14 4.43 -
10 Michelle Jim takes a moment to thank the shark for finally eating those annoying people at the end of "Open Water." Add a Comment View Comments (1) 14 4.43 -
11 Lane "The emotional pain! She said I was a GOOD white shark at best..."
"There there, don't get so down...there are plenty of fish in the sea." Add a Comment
14 4.29 -
12 Jason "Humans are friends, NOT food!" Add a Comment 14 4.14 -
13 David You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. Add a Comment 14 3.86 -
14 Jason Sara was enjoying her dream date with the hunky scuba instructior so much that she never saw the shark until it was too late. Add a Comment 14 3.79 -
15 Jason Disney's well-hyped summer sequel "Free Brucie" received mixed reviews. Add a Comment 14 3.64 -
16 Cassie In order to attract more visitors, Universal Studios has developed a far more realistic and interactive "Jaws" attraction. Add a Comment 14 3.64 -
17 Jason Having seen a kissing tiger recently on POTW, Chad decides to take it up a notch. Add a Comment 14 3.14 -
18 Ben My water ballet coach taking it to the next level. . . and 1,2,3. . .1,2,3. . . to your left, 2, 3 Add a Comment 14 3.00 -