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April 9-15, 2007
Week 1 of 13 | Contest 9

Photo Info: Welcome to contest 9! POTW has had some fattie pictures before...but OH. MY. GOODNESS. :)

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
Congratulations to this week's winner:
Jason Elessar

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Jason Roberta was banking a lot of hope on her fancy new jogging shoes. Add a Comment 14 6.64 -
2 Jonathan Jenny gains the upper hand in her battle against anorexia. Add a Comment View Comments (9) 14 6.57 -
3 Lane Largest woman to purse ratio...ever. Add a Comment 14 6.57 -
4 Cassie Sally remained one of the few of her aging friends whose boobs didn't hang below her belly button. Add a Comment 14 6.50 -
5 Mike K The only thing that's attracted to her is gravity. Add a Comment 14 6.14 -
6 Jonathan Every Golden Corral manager seems to have the same recurring nightmare. Add a Comment 14 6.07 -
7 Lane "What are THEY staring at? Sheesh, you'd think they'd never seen a little red purse before in their lives..." Add a Comment 14 5.57 -
8 Jason "Glenda! Please, sit like a lady."
"Don't worry, everything is covered." Add a Comment View Comments (2)
14 5.50 -
9 Mike K Not too many people select the deluxe car wash (includes the undercarriage spray) for personal hygiene reasons. Add a Comment 14 5.43 -
10 Michelle Jane tried hard to master every principle in the "For the Strength of Youth" pamphlet, but she could never quite get the one about "no bare midriffs." Add a Comment 14 5.36 -
11 Jason Even at the age of nine, young George Lucas was always a little scared of his Aunt Jabbahute from Romania. Add a Comment View Comments (3) 14 5.29 -
12 Loren The first bench with a raging yeast infection! Add a Comment View Comments (2) 14 5.07 -
13 Heather P While on vacation, Vera decides to have a good time and let it all hang out. Add a Comment 15 5.07 -
14 Mark I bet she drinks Diet Coke. Add a Comment 14 4.79 -
15 Mark When I was a child, I bought a shirt with my allowance that proclaimed "God don't make no junk." I want my money back. Add a Comment 14 4.71 -
16 Jeff T Bob was sure he heard the woman humming something to the tune of "Do your ears hang low, do they wobble to and fro"... Add a Comment 14 4.50 -
17 Jonathan Out shopping for a 3 boob bra. Add a Comment View Comments (6) 14 4.29 -
18 David Reaching for another sandwich, Heloise still didn't understand why they put her in this little pen with no clean straw and only a bench to sit on. Add a Comment 15 4.27 -
19 Jason As Chad entered the park from the east, he immediately comprehended the magnitude of his mistake and vowed to never, ever again use an online dating service. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 14 4.14 -
20 Mike K Pinky is most likely grabbing what out of her bag?

a) healthful snacks
b) another stick of butter
c) a cell phone to order more pizzas
d) a handgun with one bullet Add a Comment View Comments (3)
14 4.14 -
21 Lane Jack Sprat could eat no fat
His wife could eat no lean.
Then one day Jack disappeared
And again was never seen. Add a Comment
14 4.00 -
22 Jeff T The frozen turkey smuggler strikes again! Add a Comment 14 3.57 -
23 Jeff T The thief almost got away with the world's largest donut. Add a Comment 14 3.36 -
24 Jordan H Isn't this that girl from Nantucket? Add a Comment 14 3.36 -
25 Jonathan An example of fluidic ambulatory melting; proof that the human race continues to evolve. Add a Comment 14 3.29 -
26 Nate Find your match at Add a Comment View Comments (1) 14 3.21 -
27 Mark What? No diamond ring? Add a Comment 14 3.21 -
28 Lane Bob was so desperate to rid himself of that beer belly, he went so far as trying a sex change. It didn't make things better. Add a Comment 14 3.14 -
29 Mike K Too much pamper, not enough hammer!

hammer = exercise / tiring yourself out
pamper (usually comes after the hammer) = buffets, fine cuisine, gallons of ice cream at a time, etc.
Add a Comment View Comments (2)
14 3.00 -
30 Mark Please tell me that's a belly button that I'm looking at. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 14 2.79 -
31 Jordan H Hippopotamuses (hippopotami is also accepted as a plural form by the OED), also sometimes called hippos, are gregarious, living in groups of up to 40 animals, called a pod, herd, school or bloat. A male hippopotamus is known as bull, a female as cow, and a baby as calf. A hippo's lifespan is typically 40 to 50 years. Female hippos reach sexual maturity at 5 to 6 years and have a gestation period of 8 months. Donna the Hippo, 55, is the oldest known hippo in captivity. She lives at the Mesker Park Zoo in Evansville, Indiana. Add a Comment 14 2.71 -
32 David Holy HELL?!?! I may never eat another doughnut in my life. Add a Comment 15 2.47 -