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April 16-22, 2007
Week 2 of 13 | Contest 9

Photo Info: This "photo" is a little different from the norm, but I stumbled across it and thought it had potential...

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Michelle Grimshaw

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Michelle "I feel a sin coming on." Add a Comment View Comments» (2) 19 6.47 -
2 Michael Dave does a good job photoshopping himself in with a girl from school. This should stop his parents from pestering him for a while. Add a Comment 19 6.37 -
3 Mark Although they're smiling, both Henry and Jane are feeling quite hot, partly due to the over-sized scarves, but mostly due to being so close to the sun. Add a Comment 19 5.68 -
4 Chris N The Sears Mojo-Scarf enjoyed a brief popularity in the 70's, but was banned after a sharp increase in teen pregnancy rates. Add a Comment 19 5.58 -
5 David This old thing? I just took it off from one of the tables at Luigi’s Pizza and Fun Center. Add a Comment 20 5.50 -
6 Joel Man: "What do say we loosen these scarves and get comfortable." Add a Comment 19 5.32 -
7 Michelle At the local roller rink, Jim always scored on "Cravat Night." Add a Comment 19 5.26 -
8 Chris N Dave delivers another one of his patented "Dave-Grabs" Add a Comment 19 5.26 -
9 Sara Needless to say, my suspicions about Greg and Marcia were confirmed by the Brady Bunch Reunion Special. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 19 5.21 -
10 Lane "...then the doc took off the rubber glove, removed the catheter, and it's been all systems go ever since."
"Oh Frank, I love your stories." Add a Comment View Comments» (1)
19 5.05 -
11 Lane "How's about going to get a drink with the Tedster?"
"Well, okay Mr. Bundy...but just one drink..." Add a Comment
19 5.00 -
12 Jason Bob: "A little to the right."
Julie: "Right there?"
Bob: "Oh yeah." Add a Comment
19 4.68 -
13 Jason "Two words Larry: Tic Tacs" Add a Comment 19 4.63 -
14 Steve Are you afflicted with excesesive neck hair? Too many romantic nights leaving those awful hickies? Well worry no more. Call now and receive two Ronco silk scarves. Just wear it and forget it". "But Wait" that's not all, with four easy payments of $39.99 you also get the can of GLH Brand spray on hair... Add a Comment 19 4.58 -
15 Lane "You were right, the rat poison did just the trick. Now nothing stands in the way of our new life together..." Add a Comment 19 4.53 -
16 Terry Having mastered time-travel, Lane is finally able to sport his favorite cravat and even manages to land his first date since 2001! Add a Comment 19 4.42 -
17 Michelle "Of course I love you, Bob," she said, forcing a smile. "Now where's my Valium?" Add a Comment 19 4.32 -
18 Michelle Bert: "Oh yeah. She's hot for me."
Judy: "Gee, I really settled this time, didn't I..." Add a Comment
19 4.21 -
19 Michael Boy how BYU engagement pictures have changed. There isn't a tree in the background. Add a Comment 19 4.16 -
20 Chris N "Debbie, Utah state law requires me to inform you that due to prior convictions in Utah, Colorado, and Nevada, my name appears on a list of registered... Oh never mind baby! Lets get out of here!" Add a Comment 19 4.16 -
21 David Not wanting to screw up the photo shoot, Sarah, through clenched teath whispers, "Bob, you still have that chive in your teath." Add a Comment 20 4.10 -
22 Michael Her "Oh Wow, your breath is actually refreshingly sweet. What is your secret?" Him "Well Sarah, it is actually the new St. Patrick's day Mentos. They are artificially delicious." Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 19 3.95 -
23 Lane I'd consider asking her out if it weren't for that ridiculous neckwear. Add a Comment 19 3.68 -
24 Michael Him "Oh Baby, That nose of yours turns me on!" Add a Comment 19 3.68 -
25 Boyd It feels like I'm being hung with silk rope, marriage is not for me. Sorry Charlie! Add a Comment 20 3.65 -