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April 23-29, 2007
Week 3 of 13 | Contest 9

Photo Info: Naughty naughty. Another find from Flickr's interesting photo archive...

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
Congratulations to this week's winner:
Lane Pollock

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Lane Sensing disapproval, Katie braces for the worst. Perhaps if she'd given mommy a better figure... Add a Comment View Comments (4) 15 5.73 -
2 Lane Katie, honey, we've been over this a thousand times...quit using circles for hands and feet. It looks unnatural. Add a Comment View Comments (2) 15 5.20 -
3 Sara Why can't you just see dead people like other kids? Add a Comment 15 5.13 -
4 Jared "Bobby said for me stand here until mom got here and if I did, I could yell, 'I did it! I did it!'" Add a Comment 15 5.13 -
5 Jason Chad realized he had to stop cussing in traffic after his daughter presented her "Dickhead" drawing. Add a Comment View Comments (3) 15 5.13 -
6 Michael At least she didn't write "redrum" Add a Comment 15 5.07 -
7 Jonathan Cindy proves once and for all that there really are creatures that come out of the vents. Add a Comment 15 5.07 -
8 Michelle Grounded from the TV, Emma creates her own episode of "Rolie Polie Olie." Add a Comment 15 5.00 -
9 Joshua You can see here the Death Star orbiting the Forest Moon of Endor... Add a Comment 15 4.93 -
10 Jared Isn't it amazing what an invisible friend can do? Add a Comment 15 4.87 -
11 Jonathan With a recent decline in crop circles, SETI agents have turned their focus to alien wall drawings which seem to be popping up with increasing regularity, especially in households with young children. Add a Comment 15 4.80 -
12 Michael They say children are naturally artistic and then we train them not to be. What a bunch of crap. Add a Comment 15 4.60 -
13 Cassie Sophie's parents weren't amused by her illustrations of the evolution of man. Add a Comment 15 4.47 -
14 Jared What did you expect from a little girl with tatoos on her arms? Add a Comment View Comments (2) 15 4.40 -
15 Lane The evolution of the little girl: 1. Primitive single-celled organism. 2. Appearance of rudimentary appendages and crude facial features. 3. First inklings of cranial coverage and extremity nubs. No explanation for extracurricular facial orifice. 4. Little girl. Add a Comment 15 4.40 -
16 Michelle "On second thought, honey, maybe we shouldn't have taken Kaylee off the Prozac..." Add a Comment 15 4.33 -
17 Jared "But mommy, you always said that this room needed 'something.'" Add a Comment 15 4.33 -
18 Sara Dahhh! I told you we shouldn't have taken her to the Sistine Chapel! Add a Comment 15 4.27 -
19 Angela Horrified at her obvious mistake, little Amy hoped no one would notice that her teletubbies were anatomically incorrect. Add a Comment 15 4.13 -
20 Sara It's you and daddy . . . see, daddy's funny hair and the big thingy on his chin . . . Add a Comment View Comments (1) 15 4.07 -
21 Sara That's it! We're gettin' rid of that dang Harold and the Purple Crayon book . . . Add a Comment 15 4.00 -
22 Jordan H COMING THIS SUMMER TO THEATERS EVERYWHERE- A little girl gets in trouble with her mom, after drawing all over the wall....horror ensues!
Lane: "It got a 4 on Rotten Tomatoes.....yeah ill go see it." Add a Comment
15 3.93 -
23 Lane "You're in BIG trouble young lady. I'm not gonna tell you again...first you take off your britches, THEN you put on your nightie." Add a Comment 15 3.93 -
24 Jonathan "My tomagotchi made me do it." Add a Comment 15 3.87 -
25 Jason Sara eventually grew up to be to be a master artist, especially with bovine subjects. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 15 3.87 -
26 Steve One of Michelangelo's earlier works, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden under the tree of life. Add a Comment 16 3.81 -
27 Jonathan Little Tiff always knew how to get rid of a bad babysitter. Add a Comment 15 3.73 -
28 Miranda One of these things is not like the other... Add a Comment 16 3.69 -
29 Angela "Crap--I forgot to draw the bellybutton! I knew I was missing something!" Add a Comment 15 3.67 -
30 Michael Another reason why the person who invented crayons should be shot. Add a Comment 15 3.47 -
31 Michael "My little picasso."
"Pose next to it so I can take your picture." Add a Comment View Comments (1)
15 3.07 -