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April 30-May 6, 2007
Week 4 of 13 | Contest 9

Photo Info: This is everyone's favorite wheel-chair ridden physics super genius, Stephen Hawking, during his recent zero-gravity flight.

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Jason Elessar

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Jason Suddenly, Lt. Gomez went crazy and started attacking the other crewmembers, using Dr. Charles as a club. Add a Comment View Comments (9) 14 6.00 -
2 Lane Stephen writes a new book about his scarier than expected zero-gravity flight: "My Briefs were History in no Time". Add a Comment View Comments (5) 14 5.71 -
3 Jordan H WOW! I can see the Great Wall of China.....the Grand Canyon......and some fat lady on a park that's gross! Add a Comment 14 5.50 -
4 Jonathan Hawking's thoughts: "I wonder if they realize that my catheter bag is still on the wheel chair." Add a Comment 14 5.50 -
5 Jason In accordance with his will requesting a Spock-like burial, the shuttle crew prepares Mr. Hawking's frozen body for torpedoing to the Genesis project planet. Add a Comment 14 5.36 -
6 Jared "I feel great! We're hurtling towards the earth at fantastic speeds and some lady is grabbing my butt. Truly the Nerd's Wish Foundation has come through with flying colors!" Add a Comment 14 5.14 -
7 Lane Most people are shocked to find out that "bitter beer face" guy is actually an accomplished astronaut as well. Add a Comment 14 4.93 -
8 Michelle At that moment Stephen wished he had upgraded to the voice synthesizer that could say "WHEEEEE!" Add a Comment 14 4.79 -
9 Jason "I KNEW I had the Force!" Add a Comment 14 4.79 -
10 Lane Thousands of dollars and a lifetime of anticipation...all ruined by one bad raspberry zinger. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 14 4.71 -
11 Jared "Light as a feather, stiff as a board..... Oh my goodness! It's working!" Add a Comment 14 4.71 -
12 Sara "I'm ready guys! Let's do it--Ludicrous Speed!" Add a Comment View Comments (1) 14 4.64 -
13 Michelle "I bet that sucker Niels Bohr never did anything like this!" Add a Comment 14 4.50 -
14 Lane "Okay, Mr. Hawking, now I just need you to swing your arms and legs around really fast."
"What? Just a little joke..." Add a Comment
14 4.36 -
15 Michael "Do I have to pay more for the but touch, or is that complimentary?" Add a Comment View Comments (1) 14 4.36 -
16 Terry Pushing the envelope on physics THEORY be damned! From now on its basic Newtonian experiments for MEEEEEE!!!!!

And next week? Steven tossing!!! Add a Comment
14 4.14 -
17 Jordan H Ok....on the count of three, ill tickle him. Sue you take his wallet. Bill, you grab his shoes. Add a Comment 14 4.14 -
18 Jonathan Hawking's zero gravity experience was going exceptionally well until the plane ran into one of God's dice. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 14 3.86 -
19 Jonathan Steve fulfills his life-long dream to dance the YMCA. Add a Comment 14 3.86 -
20 Jared Stephen Hawking's inner child bursts out and his chair says, "WEEEE! DO IT AGAIN, DO IT AGAIN!" in robotic monotone. Add a Comment 14 3.86 -
21 Leslie "I love to laugh! ha-ha-ha-ha! Long and loud and clear!" Add a Comment 14 3.71 -
22 Jason Sara could barely contain her frustration as the bishopric introduced the newest member into the singles' ward. Add a Comment View Comments (3) 14 3.71 -
23 Jonathan Those fools, I was just trying to sign on to my NetZero account, and some how I end up in a game of hot potato in some silly airplane...I really need to get my dang computer fixed. Add a Comment 14 3.50 -
24 Joshua "Pass the Bucky" changes meaning for this group of astronauts... Add a Comment 14 3.43 -
25 Jared "This is the captain speaking. We've been getting some turbulence and I have just turned on the seatbelt sign." Add a Comment 14 3.29 -