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May 21-27, 2007
Week 7 of 13 | Contest 9

Photo Info: Oh yeah. Colonel Sanders is blowing up. Not even communism can fend off the 11 secret herbs and spices...

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Angela Ash

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Angela Mario decided to grow the 3-pronged beard, hoping to take the focus off of his bad toupee. Add a Comment 10 6.20 -
2 Terry Many years after the Colonel's reincarnation as a Japanese folk musician, he rediscovers the roots of his prior life. Add a Comment 10 5.90 -
3 Brian so, that's pretty much it for the show... any requests? I can play stairway. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 10 5.90 -
4 Angela Sporting a clever disguise, Colonel Sanders begins his new life in the Witness Protection Program. Add a Comment 10 5.80 -
5 Angela This month's cover story in People Magazine: "Guns 'n Roses--Where are they now?" Add a Comment View Comments (1) 10 5.40 -
6 Jason Hiro made the mistake of traveling 20 years into his future. He should have listened to his father. Add a Comment 10 4.90 -
7 Jason As per custom, Yoshi was forced to commit suicide after his first day on the job for bringing dishonor to his family. Add a Comment 10 4.70 -
8 Jason Greg's new job wasn't exactly what he had been hoping for... Add a Comment View Comments (2) 10 3.70 -
9 Jason Sara, I didn't realize that your new boyfriend was ALSO a! Talk about a renaissance man. Add a Comment 10 3.70 -
10 Brian My band manager is SOOOOO fired. Add a Comment 10 3.60 -
11 Brian come on Xian Lau! You can't get any respect in the music world looking like that! those glasses make you look ridiculous! Add a Comment 10 3.40 -
12 Ben The weird thing here is the guys shirt - is that eggshell or off white? Add a Comment 10 3.10 -
13 Terry What the hell??? Add a Comment 10 2.80 -