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May 28-June 3, 2007
Week 8 of 13 | Contest 9

Photo Info: Happy Memorial Day! I'm back from the east and ready to hit POTW hard. This is some girl playing chess. :)

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
Congratulations to this week's winner:
Lane Pollock

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Lane Suzi always was a bit of a rule nazi: "Did he really just say 'king me'? I'm surrounded by IDIOTS!" Add a Comment 10 6.70 -
2 Jason Dr. Rosenburg's controversial treatment for Juvenile Onset Nerdism uses simple methods. Children are forced to sit at a chessboard but are given an electric shock if they touch any pieces. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 10 6.50 -
3 Joshua I knew i should have worn an astronaut diaper for the chess marathon! Curses! Add a Comment 10 5.30 -
4 Jason "And Knight to King 7 makes checkmate!"
"No it doesn't"
"oh wait...."
"Sorry, you took your hand off it already"
"Oh Sh#%!" Add a Comment
10 5.00 -
5 Ben Jessica is most upset about losing her She-ra Princess of Power lunch box in a little side wager Add a Comment 11 5.00 -
6 Joshua Janice, no matter how much you make that face, "Mindpower" will continue to have no effect. Just move. Add a Comment 10 4.80 -
7 Lane Sure the large brain tumor pressing on the inside of her skull was painful...but Billy had beaten her twice today already. 3 losses would be inexcusable. Add a Comment 10 4.70 -
8 Jonathan Back in the day, Lane wore his hair a little long and liked to hang with some of the more edgier clubs. Add a Comment 10 4.60 -
9 Steve If I don't beat this eight year old asian boy in chess I'll never have a chance at Harvard Business Shool! I'm ruined at 7.4534 I mean 7.4535, AAGH! Add a Comment 11 4.45 -
10 Lane Unable to topple her opponent's king in the chess match, Sally decides to do it the old fashioned way...with a swift backhand. Add a Comment 10 4.40 -
11 Terry Bishop you idiot! You know, the guy with the pointy head and the little ball on top... Add a Comment 11 4.36 -
12 Mark Lucy, a mere 12 moves into Kasparov's Gambit, forgets the 13th move and decides she has only one option - stimulate her memory by clawing her way through her skull and touching her cerebral cortex. It's a risky move but well worth it; this is for the class championship, after all. Add a Comment 10 4.30 -
13 Michelle "Of all the days to accidentally superglue my fingers to my head...!" Add a Comment 10 4.10 -
14 Lane "Coach said in order to win today I needed to have my mind 'dialed in'. What does that even mean? Oh well, worth a try..." Add a Comment 10 3.90 -
15 Michelle A chess board? What the...??? I thought I signed up for "The Game of Life" tournament! Add a Comment 10 3.60 -
16 Jason Greg's daughter becomes frustrated when she can't find the Chess "remote control". Add a Comment 10 3.50 -
17 Jason Young racist children become angry when they realize that with the new chess sets they have to choose between the black pieces or the yellow pieces. Add a Comment 10 3.20 -
18 Amy M Try as she might she couldn't push the vision of walking in on Principal Chambers in the bathroom this morning from her mind, she will forever fear the one eyed snake. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 10 2.10 -