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June 4-10, 2007
Week 9 of 13 | Contest 9

Photo Info: This is from the front page of some newspaper in Boston we saw as we were walking the street. I didn't read the article so I have no idea what it was about.

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Michelle Grimshaw

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Michelle If only the MormonAds had looked more like this when I was a teenager... I might have tried harder to protect my chastity. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 12 5.58 -
2 Michelle In the article, Romney explains that each of the bullets in his bandolier actually contains a very tightly rolled pass-along card. Add a Comment 12 4.67 -
3 Brian I'll be back!... in about a week to see how your reading of 3rd Nephi 11 went. Add a Comment 12 4.33 -
4 Lane With sagging conversion rates, the church decides to overhaul the missionary program and try something...dramatically different: "You WILL be baptized this Saturday at 11am." Add a Comment 12 4.17 -
5 Brian In this new installation, Romney protects the future of the world from the T-1000 played by Harry Reid. Add a Comment 12 4.17 -
6 Brian for his triumphant return to the big screen, Chevy Chase stars in another heart-warming family adventure... Add a Comment 12 4.00 -
7 Jason As the Carthage mob burst thru the door they stood silent, trying to comprehend the thing before them. By then it was too late, the Mormonator had them in its sights, its protection mission nearly complete. Add a Comment 12 3.92 -
8 Jason After nearly 200 years, the church finally admits the true history and origin of early church folk hero, Porter Rockwell. Add a Comment 12 3.92 -
9 Joshua See Billy? You were silly to think that Mormons had horns. The illustration clearly shows us their skulls are metal. I'm glad we had this talk. Add a Comment 12 3.83 -
10 Lane Hasta la Priesthood, baby. Add a Comment 12 3.75 -
11 Jason {Austrian Accent}"I know now why you drink, but it is something I can never do." Add a Comment 12 3.50 -
12 Ben Ummmmm, suuushi Add a Comment 12 3.17 -
13 Jeff T Hey, if it worked for Arnold... Add a Comment 12 3.08 -
14 Nate No wonder no one answers the door when missionaries knock. Add a Comment 12 3.00 -
15 Michael Get the GOP out of here. Add a Comment 13 2.77 -
16 Michael The Mormonator will destroy the Clinton Beast! Add a Comment 13 2.77 -