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July 2-8, 2007
Week 13 of 13 | Contest 9

Photo Info: This is Microsoft founder Bill Gates (left) and rapper Jay-Z. Judging by the butterfly in the back, it looks to be some kind of MS event.

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William Newcomb

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 William Which one of these two is responsible for spreading more viruses? Add a Comment View Comments (2) 10 5.80 -
2 Casey Jay-Z: "Hello I'm a Mac."
Bill Gates: "Hello I'm a PC." Add a Comment View Comments (1)
10 5.20 -
3 Michael Jay Z's publicist watches in horror as what was left of Jay's street cred is destroyed. Add a Comment 10 5.20 -
4 Jason Photo in the 2012 Guiness Book of Records under the heading "Most Surprising Wedding Ever." Add a Comment 10 4.60 -
5 Michael Bill "Why are you looking so worried?"
Jay Z "I use Ubuntu."
Bill "It's OK. I do too. Just act like you like Windows." Add a Comment
10 4.60 -
6 Lane Jay-Z, between clenched teeth..."My agent is so dead." Add a Comment 10 4.60 -
7 Jason Jay Z got himself a new "Bee-autch". Add a Comment View Comments (1) 10 4.40 -
8 William I got 99 problems and a PC ain't one.... Add a Comment View Comments (2) 10 4.30 -
9 Joel Alright everybody this is BG and Jay-Z in the house, introducing the new Microsoft Word to your mother! Yeeyah. Add a Comment 11 4.27 -
10 Jason Bill to himself: "I've only been at the party for five minutes. How'd he steal my suit already?" Add a Comment 10 4.20 -
11 Michael Another feeble attempt to make Microsoft look cool. Add a Comment 10 4.20 -
12 Ben Bill Gates' newest brainchild - Microhard-core

"For all your drug dealing, gun running computing needs!" Add a Comment
11 3.82 -
13 Mark In plain sight of everyone, Jay-Z steals Bill's legs right out from under him. Add a Comment 11 3.73 -
14 Lane "Sure, G, I'll give you some pointers for scorin' with the ladies...step one, lose the rainbow butterfly." Add a Comment 10 3.70 -
15 Lane The old computer nerd buddies spend a moment catching up..."I told you I could do it, William. Coolest man alive in less than 5 years. Now pay up."
"That was frickin' awesome." Add a Comment
10 3.20 -
16 Loren Bill Gates attempts to see for himself about this "Once you go black, you never go back" rumor. Add a Comment 10 3.00 -
17 David The Rainbow Coalition welcomes their new spokesman. Add a Comment 11 2.91 -
18 Michael It's the hard knock life (uh-huh) for us
It's the hard knock life, for us!!
Steada treated, we get tricked
Steada kisses, we get kicked
It's the hard knock life!! Add a Comment
10 2.40 -
19 Lane Maybe Paula Abdul knew what she was singing about... Add a Comment 10 2.30 -