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July 9-15, 2007
Week 1 of 13 | Contest 10

Photo Info: Welcome to contest 10. Hopefully there will be no downtime this contest. This a photo that was circulating the net that I thought had potential.

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
Congratulations to this week's winner:
Lane Pollock

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Lane Frank hated crowds. A quick tour of the bay with his decoy in tow, however, remedied the situation nicely. Add a Comment 15 6.07 -
2 Terry Testing Shark-Proof Kayaks is SO not worth $8.50 an hour... Add a Comment 15 5.73 -
3 Angela Kayak...$400; hat...$30; seeing Dick paddle his ass off...priceless. Add a Comment 15 5.20 -
4 Sara Apparently not everyone finds the "Mean Sharks Suck" stickers on Mike's oars as funny as he does...uh, used to. Add a Comment 15 4.93 -
5 Lane Bob slowly turns his head..."HOLY CRAP!! There's a boomerang stuck in my kayak." Add a Comment 15 4.93 -
6 Ben When Larry jumped out of his boat earlier to relieve himself of last nights meat lover's pizza, he had no idea what the long-term consequences were going to be. Add a Comment 15 4.87 -
7 Sara Shark: "Marco! Hee, hee, hee." Add a Comment 15 4.73 -
8 Ben The Yellow Nymph fly is a sure thing in the Weber River too. Add a Comment 15 4.60 -
9 Michael "I hate fishing alone. The guys at home are NEVER going to believe this!" Add a Comment 15 4.60 -
10 Lane Of all the days to forget a box of band-aids... Add a Comment 15 4.33 -
11 Kelli His mom always said you should never feed a stray dog or it will follow you home. Add a Comment 16 4.25 -
12 Jason Martin Brody III decides to try water sports one more time: "Ah, what a beautiful day. Warm air, clear skies, blue water...what the..oh for crying out loud!!!" Add a Comment 15 4.20 -
13 Jeff T Some people bring their dog running with them. Well, Larry had his own faithful companion when he went out for his morning exercise. Add a Comment 15 4.07 -
14 Kelli Trolling for sharks in a kayak? Here's your sign! Add a Comment 16 4.00 -
15 Angela Toby, one of the few vegetarians in the sea, could however never resist a kayaker. Add a Comment 15 3.93 -
16 Lane Bob swims his pet shark..."Hey! Which one of us has pectoral fins? Hurry up back there!" Add a Comment 15 3.93 -
17 Jason The trespasser learned the hard way why one should never play in Michael Jackson's private pond. Add a Comment 15 3.87 -
18 Brian Recipe for greatest April fools ever:
1 transparent high test line
1 eBay account Add a Comment
15 3.73 -
19 Joel Shark Repellent! I knew I forgot something. Add a Comment 15 3.67 -
20 Jason Luckily, prior to his trip, Chad read the beginners' guide to Kayaking from Cabelas and took its advice. His Barrett 50 cal was close at hand. ( Add a Comment 15 3.67 -
21 Brian "No! they crave human blood! try to look like a seal!" Add a Comment 15 3.60 -
22 Kelli Lesson learned: Don't throw your lunch remains overboard. Add a Comment 16 3.50 -
23 Morgan Here Fishy Fishy Fishy. . . Add a Comment 16 3.12 -
24 Jason "No Limpet, I haven't seen your glasses. Now leave me alone!" Add a Comment View Comments (4) 15 2.93 -