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July 16-22, 2007
Week 2 of 13 | Contest 10

Photo Info: I don't remember where I found this one, to be honest...but this picture just struck me. Brave little kitty...:)

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Jonathan Young

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Jonathan Cat: "I'm declawed, neutured, collared, and I have to crap in a box; let me get you a plate and a fork." Add a Comment 13 5.92 -
2 Lane Spiking Fluffy's water dish with a little Jack Daniels proves that "liquid courage" is not a strictly human phenomenon. Add a Comment 13 5.54 -
3 Jonathan Professors McGonagul and Snape thought they had a good plan to keep their romance secret by meeting as shapeshifted animals; that is until McGonagul got eaten by a real eagle. Add a Comment 13 5.46 -
4 Angela Still feeling the sting of losing the last cat-mouse battle, Tommy knew he needed this one to get back in with the gang. He took some comfort in knowing he still had three lives left... Add a Comment 13 5.38 -
5 Sara Snuggles always felt strongly that the Cat was a more noble symbol of our nation, and this was his chance to prove it. Add a Comment 13 5.15 -
6 Jonathan Having tired of his success hunting the usual birds, Rambo was going for a bigger score. Add a Comment 13 4.92 -
7 Michal Bart suddenly regretted having his wings clipped. Add a Comment 13 4.69 -
8 Jonathan Once you've had domesticated meat, you're hooked, everything else just tastes gamy. Add a Comment 13 4.62 -
9 Michal Eye on the prize man...just keep your eye on the prize... Add a Comment 13 4.46 -
10 Lane Bald Eagle: "You can't be serious..." Add a Comment 13 4.23 -
11 Lane A little known fact is that hazing is quite common among house cats..."Bring back one white feather, and you're one of us...c'mon, do it!" Add a Comment 13 4.00 -
12 Sara Eagle: "What!? No more Fancy Feast?"
Cat: "My liege, it was the humans. They switched me to Purina Cat Chow, but you are welcome to scavenge it anytime. It's kinda like Fancy Feast after it rains..." Add a Comment
13 3.92 -
13 Jared On that day Pookums feral instincts did not help him. The eagle, however was very satisfied with the results. Add a Comment 13 3.77 -
14 Jared Cat thought: When I attack, I gotta roll to the side of the house so I don't fall.
Eagle thought: Cats are so dumb, this is the 9th time this has worked in a row! Add a Comment
13 3.77 -
15 Angela If only they hadn't been stuck on the bannister, the tango contest would have been in the bag! Add a Comment 13 3.69 -
16 Sara Cat: Hey, hi there, nice to see ya. Yeah, so this will only take a sec, I just want to lick the mouse guts off your talons real quick. Add a Comment 13 3.69 -
17 Lane "Take control of your pet with the new 'Remote Control Collar'. Watch as we inch Princess towards a place we KNOW she doesn't want to be." Add a Comment 13 3.69 -
18 Michael Yes, just look at the red collar. It is beautiful. Stay focused... almost there. Add a Comment 14 3.36 -
19 Ben A self described catrosexual - Vinny the Eagle was not afraid to take the railing less traveled. Add a Comment 13 3.23 -
20 Terry D*mn eagle, blocking traffic again?!? And I left my "Snowball the Ninja Kitty cape at home! Add a Comment 13 3.23 -
21 Brian which animal is more endangered? Add a Comment 14 3.00 -
22 Jared Is this a new Disney movie about cross species friendship? Sheesh. Add a Comment 13 2.69 -
23 Jared Tip of the day: Don't attack any bird with forward pointing eyes. Add a Comment 13 2.62 -
24 Karin Finally.... someone without selfasteem-problems!!! Add a Comment 13 2.31 -
25 Jordan H Where are the party balloons? Add a Comment View Comments (1) 13 2.00 -
26 Nate I found a microscope and now I am going to use it. Add a Comment 14 1.86 -