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June 20-26, 2005
Week 12 of 13 | Contest 1

Photo Info: This is me trying to squeeze through a fence opening near the Provo River on our hike to Upper Falls. I figure everyone deserves a turn on the chopping block, the conspiracy theorists should be happy anyway. :) Dangit! Looking at this picture just reminded me that I lost my hat on Red Baldy...freakin' wind! I liked that hat...

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Mike Kniephof

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Mike K Lane's copycat book, 'I Got Stuck', didn't fare as well as Aron Ralston's dramatic 'Between a Rock and a Hard Place'. Add a Comment View Comments» (8) 15 7.20 -
2 Michelle Awww, crap! I think I just caught my nipple ring on the fence! Add a Comment 15 6.13 -
3 Lane Elder Pollock was having a routine P-day at the MTC. But then he heard the sweet music of a neighborhood ice-cream truck and instinct took over... Add a Comment 15 6.07 -
4 Mike K The escape was going great until the electric fence kicked in while Lane was in a delicate and precarious position. Add a Comment View Comments» (4) 15 6.00 -
5 Jeff T In a sad irony, after surviving many harrowing outdoor adventures, Lane death comes from his own backyard fence. Add a Comment 15 5.93 -
6 Brian Tired of being his cellmate's "woman", lane makes his escape. Add a Comment 15 5.93 -
7 Julie H Lane later admitted that the hardest part of his ordeal was not being stuck for hours, but calling the fire department and explaining why the Jaws of Life would be necessary. Add a Comment 15 5.73 -
8 Michelle It finally occurs to Lane that being Bootylicious isn't always an advantage. Add a Comment 15 5.60 -
9 Lane Front of green sign: "You must be THIS narrow to hike to Upper Falls" Add a Comment 15 5.53 -
10 Michelle When the "fitness camp" counselors aren't looking, Lane makes a break for it. "Come on--SQUEEZE! I can't spend another day here!" Add a Comment 15 5.53 -
11 Mike K The ONLY reason it's not better to be a guy. Add a Comment 15 5.47 -
12 Michelle "Hey, guys! Remember back in high school when we were smoking weed under the bleachers, and Coach Jacobson saw us and yelled, and we started running, and that Lane kid got caught in the fence, and we just ran away and let him take the heat? That was so cool!" "Oh yeah! Whatever happened to that guy?" "Dude, I don't know...probably a computer geek with his own website or something..." Add a Comment 15 5.27 -
13 Brent After having a nice dinner of 4 pots of honey at Rabbit's house, Lane the Pooh can't get back out. Add a Comment 15 5.07 -
14 Lane Bored with the same ol' birthday celebration every year, Lane decides to try something different this year...a reenactment of the big day! Add a Comment View Comments» (3) 15 5.00 -
15 Mike K Lane refused to climb through the fence and hike until Mike opened up a fresh bag of Doritos and offered some from the other side. Add a Comment 15 5.00 -
16 Joel "Wait up a minute guys, looks like I'll have to try a few more laps around the parking lot." Add a Comment 15 4.93 -
17 Casey I always knew that Lane was an illegal immigrant!! Add a Comment View Comments» (2) 15 4.80 -
18 David Run for your lives! It's escaping. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 15 4.73 -
19 Lane "Man! Switching to DIET dew from regular I guess wasn't enough. Maybe 3 twinkies instead of 4 for breakfast...?" Add a Comment 15 4.67 -
20 Nephi After years of deep pondering Lane finally understands George Balanchine's "The Nutcracker". Add a Comment 15 4.67 -
21 Lane "Hey do YOU spell relief?"
(groan) "WD-40" Add a Comment
15 4.60 -
22 Steven Lane invents a new back scratching method. "Oh yeah fence, that's the spot..." Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 16 4.50 -
23 Mike K [At boot camp training]
Lane giggles: "Hee hee, this tickles my tummy!"
Commanding officer: "Boy! This is no laughing matter! Now move, move, MOVE!" Add a Comment
15 4.47 -
24 Trent Lane taking advantage of another opportunity to practice his cage dance routine. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 15 4.40 -
25 David Big boy plus a small gap makes a hard go. Add a Comment 15 4.33 -
26 Casey I swam the Rio Grande and now there is this Damn fence in the way. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 15 4.27 -
27 David If squeezing through that fence didn't make his hat pop off, that freakin' wind must have been more like a tornado! Add a Comment 15 4.20 -
28 David Dangit! I knew I shouldn't have gone to Golden Corral before this hike. Add a Comment View Comments» (3) 15 4.13 -
29 Nephi The conspiracy theorists are baffled by this strange twist of events. Did someone shove Lane into that fence because their funny caption got last place or was it someone else who was unhappy about the captions poking fun of them in a lackluster photo? Add a Comment 15 4.13 -
30 Kathy Well I guess that is one way to jump start the sex change operation. Add a Comment 15 4.13 -
31 Trent The Quarry hat knew it was time to part ways after Lane decided it would be easier to force a Twinkie through braces rather than scale a 5.6a fence. Add a Comment 15 3.73 -
32 Cat Too many diet dews...see what it does to ya. Add a Comment 16 3.50 -
33 Nephi Ouch! Did someone crunch their nuts? Add a Comment 15 3.47 -
34 Tad Dude, don't do the diet dew! Add a Comment 16 3.31 -
35 Michelle Unfortunately for the Poky Little Puppy, all the adventures he'd had in the wide, wide world couldn't compensate for his being sent to bed without any strawberry shortcake for climbing through the hole in the fence. Add a Comment 15 3.27 -
36 Lane Maybe he's born with it? Maybe it's jellybean. Add a Comment 15 3.27 -
37 Brent Your website administrator is so fat, he sat on a quarter and a booger came out George Washington's nose. Add a Comment 15 2.60 -