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July 30-August 5, 2007
Week 4 of 13 | Contest 10

Photo Info: Julie Hall sent me this picture of bro. Brian, who is studying abroad I believe in Yemen? Anyhow, it looks like he's definitely submerged himself in the culture. :)

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Lane Pollock

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Lane A Yemeni police line-up: "Okay ma'am, think carefully now...which one of these men stole your scarf?" Add a Comment View Comments (1) 13 6.08 -
2 Michelle Initially their relationship had been tenuous at best, but after a few weeks Rabbi Harker began referring to his security detail as his "buddy-guards." Add a Comment View Comments (1) 14 6.07 -
3 Chris N Brian successfully ends the conflict between those who boot-tuck and those who do not. Add a Comment 13 6.00 -
4 Brian Ok, guys, just the way we practiced. 1, 2, 3, 4, MY little buttercup... has the sweetest smile... Add a Comment 13 5.85 -
5 Chris N Brian's got friends in every town and village from here to the Sudan, he speaks a dozen languages, knows every local custom, he'll blend in, disappear, you'll never see him again. With any luck, he's got the grail already. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 13 5.85 -
6 Jonathan Michael Moore loses 300 lbs and starts his next documentary: "Make friends not war." Add a Comment 13 5.46 -
7 Chris N The best episode of Elimidate ever Add a Comment 13 5.00 -
8 Jonathan Brian just accepted that holding hands for pictures was a Yemen custom, but he did raise a brow when they invited him into the bath house. Add a Comment 13 4.85 -
9 Jason Carl and Robert were horrified when they realized they both had the same costume on for the Gay Ball. Add a Comment 13 4.62 -
10 Sara Looks like Brian got roped into a little game of Middle Eastern Red Rover. Youch! Add a Comment 13 4.54 -
11 Jason Brian had to drop his souvenir rock, instantly breaking twelve bones in his left foot, but it was necessary to protect his wallet and car keys from Yemeni pickpockets which seemed to be everywhere. Add a Comment 13 4.54 -
12 Jason Brian: "Now make sure my sandals are not in the picture. I don't want to look weird." Add a Comment 13 4.23 -
13 Jonathan A little weed and that whole Arab-hate-Jew attitued flies out the window. Add a Comment 13 4.23 -
14 Jonathan As organizer of the first annual hands-accross-Yemen-for-peace project, Brian was proud of the fact that Yemen is still relatively peaceful, despite the activitie's low turnout. Add a Comment 13 4.15 -
15 Sara Soldier on the right: "Alright, alright! We will give in to this stupid American tradition and say 'cheese' when you stop squeezing the life out of our hands!" Add a Comment 13 4.00 -
16 Lane Desperate to stabilize the region, the U.S. creates a series of propaganda videos: "We are all spiritual brothers. Jews and Arabs CAN coexist!" Add a Comment View Comments (3) 13 3.92 -
17 Lane Brian forces a half grin and thinks..."I wonder what they'll do to me when they find out I'm not really Muhammad reincarnate." Add a Comment 13 3.92 -
18 Terry On the left is Habbib, and on the right Muhammad, the two newest recruits to Rabbi Limpwrist's harem. Add a Comment 14 3.71 -
19 Morgan Okay guys, i'll hold your hands, just don't throw any more rocks at my feet. Add a Comment 14 3.64 -
20 Chris N Did someone say 'hot tub'? Add a Comment 13 3.62 -
21 Brian no one asked, no one told. All you gotta do is hold. Add a Comment 13 3.54 -
22 Jason Meet B.E.R.K.L.E.Y., the latest in autonomous anti-terrorist weaponry. The Brian Electronic Remote Killing Location and Eradication Youth model is the latest in ultra deep cover remote smart bombing. Add a Comment 13 3.31 -
23 Brian They want you! They want you! They want you as a new recruit! Add a Comment View Comments (1) 13 3.15 -
24 Lane "Hi, I'm Limazah, this is my brother Dildar, and my other brother Dildar." Add a Comment 13 3.15 -
25 Terry one of these things is not like the other... one of these things just doesn't belong... Add a Comment 14 3.14 -