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August 13-19, 2007
Week 6 of 13 | Contest 10

Photo Info: This is a photo Mike sent me from one of his coworker's family reunions. Whoever that was, feel free to fill in names and/or elaborate.

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
Congratulations to this week's winner:
Jason Elessar

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Jason I knew the muscle shirt would attract the ladies but this is ridiculous! How am I going to pay for THREE Rooti-Tuti platters? Add a Comment View Comments (1) 12 6.08 -
2 Lane "Okay kids, mommy and daddy have some great news...we're gonna have another baby GIRL!" Add a Comment 12 5.83 -
3 Lane "I can't believe I'm stuck sitting between the no-eyeballs-sisters AGAIN." Add a Comment 12 5.50 -
4 Lane Ty Pennington had an acute sense of style even at an early age..."Artificial turf on the front porch?? Who ARE these people?" Add a Comment 12 5.50 -
5 Jason If they see my swim diaper I am so dead! Add a Comment View Comments (2) 12 5.33 -
6 Lane The hypnosis beginning to wear off, Jessy remembers the things his evil sisters made him do...terrible, unspeakable things. Add a Comment 12 4.92 -
7 Jason Bill Clinton in Kindergarten: "Crap, what was this one's name?" Add a Comment 12 4.83 -
8 Sara Gracie reveled in her trickiness. She could always count on Maddie blaming Jessy, even though it was her who leaned over and pinched Maddie's rear end. Add a Comment 12 4.25 -
9 Sara Girl on the right: "Cut the chee-eeeezz?!"
Boy: "Oh, Mom! Not in front of the ladies! Can't you just go with 'Say cheese' like everyone else?" Add a Comment
12 3.92 -
10 William "What did Lane call it again...NCSO? no...NCMR? no... NPPO? no...NCMO? Yeah!!!..." Add a Comment 12 3.75 -
11 Sara Maddie: "He told you I was his WHAT? Ewww! I'm his cousin!" Add a Comment 12 3.67 -
12 Casey Little boy: "I lost at rock, paper, and scissors again. I can't take it anymore... Ugh!!!!" Add a Comment 12 3.33 -
13 David girl on right: "Did your dad really think burping the alphabet was funny?"
boy: "Dad is so embarrassing, my girlfriend is going to think I'm a dork!"
Girl on left: "I love my daddy, he is so cool! Sometimes I just like sitting and watching him do his thing." Add a Comment
12 3.08 -
14 Casey "Dear Darla I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit, you're scum between my toes.. Love Alfalfa." Add a Comment 12 3.08 -