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August 20-26, 2007
Week 7 of 13 | Contest 10

Photo Info: This is another photo I picked up off of Flickr's interesting photos. I had to crop it a tad to make it fit, but in case it's not totally's brides eating cake. :)

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Michelle Grimshaw

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Michelle Just another Saturday night at Carol-Lyn and Michelle's house. Add a Comment 10 6.00 -
2 Jason Bachelor, from behind the curtain: "I think I'll choose bachelorette number 3. I don't know what she's doing, but it sure sounds sexy!" Add a Comment 10 5.30 -
3 Jonathan Lane has the same recurring nightmare after every date. Add a Comment 10 5.10 -
4 Jeff T Some BYU pity parties were more odd than others. Add a Comment 10 4.80 -
5 Lane Every girl dreams of this day, the happiest day of her life, the day she gets to...pull the ripcord. Add a Comment 10 4.70 -
6 Jonathan Groom: "I hope there's a treadmill among all those boxes." Add a Comment 10 4.70 -
7 Jason Warning to guys: As soon as you say "I do", she is bound to let herself go. Add a Comment 10 4.30 -
8 Lane It's the perfect wedding. I am sooo happy..err, wait, what's that? Is that a lavendar ribbon?? All the other ribbons are eggplant. Ruined! My wedding is RUINED!! Add a Comment 10 4.30 -
9 Lane Having gotten completely caught up in the revelry and hoopla of the wedding, supermodel Heidi suddenly remembers she has a bikini photo shoot the following day. Add a Comment 10 4.20 -
10 Joel Some people let themselves go gradually after marriage and some not so gradually. Add a Comment 10 4.20 -
11 Lane Emily was enjoying her waistline-liberation moment so much she completely forgot...she was deathly allergic to shortening. Add a Comment 10 4.20 -
12 Jason "Keep going ladies, 30 seconds left. This BMW is going home with one of you lucky newlyweds. I should tell a little secret however. Those aren't raisins in that cake." Add a Comment 10 4.10 -
13 William The new “whipped” cocaine fad is even harder to hide. Add a Comment 10 4.10 -
14 Sara Finally reaching that much dreaded moment in a desperate women's life, The Bachelor contestant, Gina, asks herself: "How did I get here?" Add a Comment 10 4.00 -
15 Jason "No, No, No! I said Orlando Bloom was ON the cake, not IN the cake!" Add a Comment 10 3.90 -
16 Jeff T "Brides 101" class section 1 -- learning to have poise while having cake shoved in your face. Add a Comment 10 3.80 -
17 Sara Oh crap, I'm gonna sneeze! Add a Comment 10 3.60 -
18 Sara Inhaling counts as eating, right? Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 10 3.60 -
19 Brian Do you, Jane, take this woman... and this woman, to be your semi-legally bound by power of attorney life partners/roommates? you may now eat the cake. Add a Comment 10 3.50 -
20 William As if herpes wasn’t bad enough, Mitch knew it was “back to the pound” for Ashley and her rabid sisters when they all started foaming at the mouth. Add a Comment 10 2.50 -