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September 3-9, 2007
Week 9 of 13 | Contest 10

Photo Info: I think I found this photo perusing, actually, but where ever it came from the look on that rabbit's face is classic. :)

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Michelle Grimshaw

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Michelle With the photo was a note demanding 2 million in small, unmarked jellybeans if they ever wanted to see their daughter alive again. Add a Comment 10 5.40 -
2 Jason In 2009, Michael Jackson finally finds his dream job. Zero sunlight exposure, no mob of fans, cute animals, pretty clothes, and an endless stream of kids. Add a Comment 10 5.00 -
3 Lane "Mommy, daddy...this is my friend Chuck. He and I are going to take over the world. Can I have some candy?" Add a Comment 10 5.00 -
4 Lane There's the Easter Bunny, then there's the Catholic Priester Bunny. One you can leave your kids with, the other you should not. Add a Comment 10 4.40 -
5 Michelle Spring 2008: The long-awaited release of Kubrick's lost holiday sequel, "A Clockwork Easter." Add a Comment 10 3.90 -
6 David Said in a sinister voice: "hm hm hm.... I like'a ze little girls, when zey wear pastel colors." Add a Comment 10 3.70 -
7 Lane Man, that Angelina Jolie is kinda messed up. I wonder how she got like that... Add a Comment 10 3.40 -
8 Lane The little girl's mother should have realized something was up when she saw the rabbit was wearing a bib. Add a Comment 10 3.20 -