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September 24-30, 2007
Week 12 of 13 | Contest 10

Photo Info: This is an upload from Jason of...well it looks to be a whole Jedi family. :)

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
Congratulations to this week's winner:
Sara Allen

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Sara "If you can manage it, that should always be your first target. Takes 'em out every time." Add a Comment 7 5.29 -
2 Ryan Darth Maul actually joined the dark side after a job offer from Sidious got him out of his "Sith Lord Sparring Dummy" gig at the Jedi temple. Add a Comment 6 4.50 -
3 Lane What the crap was all this? Little Cyndi Lauper just wanted to have FUN. Add a Comment 6 4.33 -
4 Jason "See what happens with too much midiclorian use?" Add a Comment 6 4.00 -
5 Lane "Okay, YOU say it."
"That's my girl..." Add a Comment
6 4.00 -
6 Jonathan James (name changed and head cropped), A BYU freshman ponders the question, is it environment or genetics that makes nerds nerds. Add a Comment 6 3.83 -
7 Jonathan "Young one, join the dork side." Add a Comment 6 3.83 -
8 Terry Leah teaches little princess Golda how to conduct a Bris, Jedi style. Add a Comment 6 3.33 -
9 Ryan Yet another bizzare triangle of blood relations, forbidden love, and lightsabers brought to you by Family History 101 and BYU's Sci-Fi Club. Add a Comment 6 3.00 -
10 Lane Pink hair was either a sign of off-the-chart midichlorian level, or an extreme lack of coordination. There was only one way to find out...(lops off mommy's leg) Add a Comment 6 3.00 -
11 Jason Little Jenny accidentally walked in on her parents' fantasy "date night". Luckily, Mom was able to quickly explain about Daddy's "extra" lightsaber. Add a Comment View Comments (5) 6 2.83 -
12 Jason "And that is what we refer to as a 'Darth Mater'." Add a Comment 6 2.83 -
13 Lane The art of circumsithscion could one day save a jedi's life...and therefore could never be taught too early. Add a Comment 6 2.67 -
14 Boyd See I told you he was Jewish Add a Comment 7 2.14 -