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June 27-July 3, 2005
Week 13 of 13 | Contest 1

Photo Info: This comes from Logan's camera on the Deso trip. Pictured are Mike (left) and Cat. BTW, I don't search out Cat pics...she just seems to be POTW photogenic. :)

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Mike Kniephof

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Mike K Mike notifies the psychiatric ward with his radio: "I've located her sir! I'm preparing to sedate her and bring her in!" Add a Comment View Comments (2) 15 5.87 -
2 Julie H Mike and Cat both thought that drinking a little river water couldn't hurt... moments later Cat began to strongly resemble the infamous "demon of the backwoods". Add a Comment View Comments (4) 15 5.13 -
3 Lane The little voices in Cat's head had been getting louder. Lately they had been saying: "Mike is trying to kill you. Don't let him, do what you must." Add a Comment 15 4.93 -
4 Julie H After too many days on the river, and no mirror Cat is sure that she is a dead ringer for Brittney Spears. If only she had a back-up dancer... Add a Comment 15 4.93 -
5 Steven After 3 weeks on the river, Cat decides to try out her new "invisiblity pills" that she made out of rocks and dirt. Add a Comment 15 4.73 -
6 Michelle Taking her cue from the legendary book "Fascinating Womanhood," Cat attempts to appear helpless, thus giving Mike a chance to offer "masculine assistance" and reinforce his manliness. Add a Comment View Comments (2) 15 4.67 -
7 Lane Ooh, ooh, here he comes. Okay Cat, gather're gonna DO it this time. Remember what the other girls said..."if you love him, you've got to TELL him." Add a Comment 15 4.67 -
8 Nephi Mike, having just come back from coughing up a hairball, decides that making out with Cat isn't such a good idea. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 15 4.67 -
9 Mike K Cat, trying out some mean pranks, laces Mike's water with ipecac* and waits for it to take effect. Add a Comment View Comments (2) 15 4.67 -
10 Lane Cat: "Time to find out if this pheromone perfume is worth the pretty penny it cost..."
Mike: "Damn! What died and washed ashore?" Add a Comment
15 4.60 -
11 Mike K Cat is:
A) Suffering from a concussion
B) Reenacting a SNL skit
C) A serial killer
D) Involved in an OSRTR (One-Sided River Trip Romance)
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15 4.60 -
12 Brian Cat:Oooooohhhhh yeeaaahh. I've been holding that one for three days.
Mike: I think i'm gonna puke! Add a Comment View Comments (1)
15 4.53 -
13 Michelle Mike wipes his mouth after yet another makeout, and Cat hopes she'll get her turn next. Add a Comment 15 4.20 -
14 Michael Cat finally figures out she has a stalker. Add a Comment View Comments (2) 15 4.07 -
15 Joel "But if you see me walking by,
And the tears are in my eyes,
Look away, baby, look away. Don't look at me
I don't want you to see me this way."
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15 4.07 -
16 Nephi Cat after realizing that the book "Fascinating Womanhood" doesn't work in the modern age decides to try a new book "Act Like a Man, How a Manly Woman Can Capture a Girly Man". Unfortunately Cat's new Tom Boy look doesn't sit to well with Mike. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 15 4.07 -
17 Michelle Always a sucker for a free makeover, Cat agrees to let Lane do her hair. She hopes that fashion icon Mikey will approve of her new look. Add a Comment 15 4.00 -
18 Michelle Cat gets ready to surprise Mike with the new cheer she made up for the river trip. "READY? OKAY!!!" Add a Comment 15 3.93 -
19 Steven Cat waits patiently for the right moment to rip her pants off and really scare Mike, little does she know that Mike just threw up and isn't really in the mood. Add a Comment 15 3.73 -
20 Steven After an awkward breakup, Mike and Cat are forced to be alone for the first time. Says Cat, "Hey... how've ya been?". To which Mike responds, "Not as good as you... apparently" Add a Comment View Comments (1) 15 3.73 -
21 Donna Using her quick rabbit like reflexes Cat stands very still hoping that Mike, who just came from eating two of his raft mates, won't see her and eat her too.
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15 3.73 -
22 Michael "It is about time he got back from the Groover." She thinks as she tries not to let anyone know that she's next. Add a Comment 15 3.67 -
23 Nephi Oh crap! Having just come from kissing Nate the last thing Mike wants to do is kiss Cat too!
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15 3.60 -
24 Lane (Cat rolls eyes) "Great! Here comes constantly-wiping-his-mouth boy again. So annoying!" Add a Comment 15 3.53 -
25 Tad What is she doing??!? Maybe if I cover my face and walk by quickly, I won't have to acknowledge her highness!! Add a Comment 16 3.44 -
26 Mike K Cat freezes hoping nobody will notice her little 'accident'. Mike quickens his step and does his best to pretend he didn't notice. Add a Comment 15 3.40 -
27 Mike K Survivor Green River - Cat TRIES to be discreet while figuring out if Utah Mike would make a good alliance.
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15 3.33 -
28 Lane "I'm clean, he said. I swear I'll never do heroin again, he said. I KNEW he was lying. I can't believe I married a JUNKIE!" Add a Comment 15 3.27 -
29 Lane A scene from Rain Man II: Rain Chick...
"Ahh, that was refreshing. Okay, hop in the raft Gunda, we're floatin' to VEGAS. We'll make a fortune!"
"I'm definately not wearing my underwear. Wednesday is fish sticks. Green lime jello for dessert. There are 323,875 leaves on that tree. Course floating your raft on this river is very dangerous."
"You want to get off the river, will that make you happy?"
"Yeah, well you gotta GET IN THE RAFT SO THAT WE CAN GET OFF THE RIVER! What's it going to be, Gunda? What's it going to be?" Add a Comment
15 3.20 -
30 Mike K "The thing is Mikey, that wasn't me!"
"That's bullsh(*cough*)! I saw you lift your leg!" Add a Comment View Comments (1)
15 3.07 -
31 Casey Cat, and her "Cat Like" reflexes looks around to see if anyone heard her rip a Juicy Fart!!
Mike: "Damn Cat, what in the hell have you been eating!!" Add a Comment
15 2.80 -
32 Brent Cat "I'll show that Mike what I thought of his caption last week, a 0 doesn't do it justice..." Add a Comment 15 2.53 -