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October 1-7, 2007
Week 13 of 13 | Contest 10

Photo Info: This was an upload from I don't know who (feel free to take credit), but it cracks me up. :)

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Chris N

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Chris N Although the request was made while Billy was heavily medicated, the Make-A-Wish people were forced to comply. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 15 6.27 -
2 Jonathan You'll find that the French types either ooze or crumble similarly to the Italians; for best grading, you need to stick with the Dutch or the Americans. You'll notice the difference as this young Colby is processed. Add a Comment 14 5.86 -
3 Brian Why do they call this Hannibal park? Add a Comment 15 5.07 -
4 Sara Young Harry learned quickly that pranks in the wizarding world were in a class of their own. Add a Comment 14 4.93 -
5 Ryan While never slated for production, Six Flags' "Steven King-themed" park showed promise in the testing phases. Add a Comment 14 4.64 -
6 dave There were going to be some serious repercussions when it came to the school district's new plan for reducing childhood obesity Add a Comment 14 4.64 -
7 Joel "Oh Grate" Add a Comment View Comments (1) 15 4.60 -
8 Chris N With junior wrestling around the corner, Ryan comes up with a plan to make weight. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 15 4.47 -
9 Sara Some nightmares never leave you. Years later, Bobby is still terrified by the sight of grated cheese. Add a Comment 14 4.29 -
10 Ryan Kindergarten hazings were brutal. Add a Comment 14 4.21 -
11 Lane Nazi Germany had a "quick & dirty" way of weeding out the kids with inferior dexterity. Add a Comment 14 4.21 -
12 Lane "WAIT!" thought Billy, "I've never seen Europe." Add a Comment 14 3.93 -
13 Terry So that's what the teacher meant when she said, "no cutting the cheese on the playground, or else..." Add a Comment 14 3.71 -
14 Joel In order to get higher test scores some school's have found ways to keep the students in class during recess. Add a Comment 15 3.67 -
15 Lane "Weird," Bobby thought as he entered the metal tube slide, "mommy let me come to the park way too easy today..." Add a Comment 14 3.50 -
16 Jonathan As you can see, the new fertilizer program produces greener, taller grass and eliminates the little nuissances we used to have. Add a Comment 14 3.43 -
17 Jonathan Cameron never felt loved as a red-headed step child. Add a Comment 14 3.36 -
18 Sara Rob finally embraced his dark enemy and used it to strike fear into the hearts of criminals and degenerates everywhere. That's when he became "Grater Man." Add a Comment 14 3.21 -
19 Jonathan When the Grainger catalog rep asked the Umgarts what they needed a slide for, they told her it was for Gouda. Add a Comment View Comments (3) 14 2.93 -
20 dave Can't you tell by how white that kid is that he's already a corpse? Not everyone goes for a traditional burial. Add a Comment 14 2.07 -