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October 8-14, 2007
Week 1 of 13 | Contest 11

Photo Info: I had a different photo all picked out for this week, but Jordan uploaded this one last second and I liked it better.

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
Congratulations to this week's winner:
Jonathan Young

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Jonathan James, a spy for the Zaire secret police, was making inroads into the local underground diamond black market; that is, until someone noticed he was wearing a wire. Add a Comment View Comments (2) 13 7.46 -
2 Jonathan I thought about getting an Ipod, but after reading all the reviews, I was really sold on the battery life of this model. Add a Comment 13 6.08 -
3 Lane "Whoa, easy dude. I'll just, uh...figure out a different way to start my car." Add a Comment 13 5.54 -
4 Lane The iPod Congo. Add a Comment 13 5.38 -
5 Terry What Ganesh had always thought of as an unfortunate birth defect proved to have a bright side afterall. Add a Comment 13 4.85 -
6 Lane "Stay away from the east side...that's where the acid heads hang out..." Add a Comment 13 4.69 -
7 Angela Rowanda's celebrity deejay...Cachee Cachon. "And this weeks number three in our top 40 is 'No No Baby Genocide Ain't The Way' " Add a Comment 13 4.62 -
8 Lane "Welcome to the village. The latrine is that way, the well's over there...oh, and if you happen upon not make fun of his radio." Add a Comment 13 4.46 -
9 Chris N "This just in: living in Africa sucks" Add a Comment 13 4.46 -
10 Joel Some people will go to any length to listen to Toto. Add a Comment 14 4.43 -
11 Joel Most people don't know that the Ghetto Blaster originated in Africa. Add a Comment 14 4.36 -
12 dave "Where am I going to put the turn-table?" Add a Comment 13 4.31 -
13 Jonathan Baba Toura kicked himself for not ordering the 9v model. Add a Comment 13 4.23 -
14 Ryan The other "Survivor: Zimbabwe" contestants knew that the competetion would be stiff when they saw Wamish's "luxury item". Add a Comment 13 4.23 -
15 Sara Every Friday night "G-mon" and his village buddies mix it up in the hut down by the goat pen. Add a Comment 13 4.15 -
16 Jonathan Ferris would prefer to drive, but he can't get the stereo to fit in his dashboard. Add a Comment 13 4.15 -
17 Chris N When I proposed to my wife, I hired this guy to follow us around and play "The Lady In Red" over and over. I had to give him a couple of extra bucks to get him to wear his good cape. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 13 4.08 -
18 Sara A recent study shows that creative sentencing over the past several years has dramatically decreased the number of murders committed by high profile rap artists. Add a Comment 13 3.62 -
19 Sara "Take one more step and I'll run 12 volts through you faster than you can yell for yo mama." Add a Comment 13 3.54 -
20 Ben The ancient rituals of foot binding and head flattening are alive and well today. Add a Comment 13 3.31 -
21 Ben Large heavy obejects on the head - this may explain why Vanilla Ice is still popular in some parts of the world. Add a Comment 13 3.15 -
22 Jordan H Watchoo talkin' 'bout, Willis ... Add a Comment View Comments (2) 13 2.46 -