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October 15-21, 2007
Week 2 of 13 | Contest 11

Photo Info: It's Cacaween time again! Yay. Here are some kids enjoying the ever popular corn maze. That corn looks awfully green. I guess this town got an extra early start on the festivities.

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Jonathan Young

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Jonathan It's annoying to go anywhere with Julie, she always walks ahead and pretends she's Nancy Drew. Add a Comment View Comments (3) 11 7.18 -
2 Angela Orville Redenbacher's lame-ass vision for a theme park...the girl in white seems to agree. Add a Comment 11 5.64 -
3 Lane It was after rounding the corner that she saw it. Billy was holding Emily's hand. He HAD seemed distant lately. That two-timing little skank. BFF? Never again. NEVER. Add a Comment 11 5.36 -
4 Lane Girl in pink shirt: "I wonder if what they said about the not touching the yellow ribbon is true."
Girl in white shirt: "Damn, what they said about not touching the yellow ribbon is true." Add a Comment
11 5.27 -
5 Sara Does anyone else hear that?...Sounds like popping. Add a Comment 11 4.73 -
6 Ryan I'll show you my ear if you show me yours. Add a Comment 11 4.64 -
7 Lane After the tragic school bus accident..."Go toward the light? Man that Sister Peterson from Sunday School was full of CRAP." Add a Comment 11 4.64 -
8 Jonathan Ryan noticing the strange behavior of his schoolmates, muttered to himself, "If we don't find the exit soon, it's gonna be Lord of the Flies all over again." Add a Comment 11 4.36 -
9 Jonathan Janet came from a broken home where they didn't teach her about the dangers of earwigs. Add a Comment 11 4.36 -
10 Jonathan The Spanish Fork stretch of the Great Western trail kind of takes the fun out of it. Add a Comment View Comments (2) 11 4.18 -
11 Ryan Children of the Corn enjoy a field trip. Add a Comment 11 4.00 -
12 Lane "And then Hansel and Gretel stumbled upon Moesha and Sally, who were ALSO lost, and they..."
"No, no, no. Stupid." thinks a Brother Grimm, as he crumples up the piece of paper and tosses it. Add a Comment
11 4.00 -
13 Sara Boy: "This is the lamest reproduction of the Triwizard Challenge Enchanted Maze EVER! And I'm competing with wussy girls..." Add a Comment 11 3.82 -
14 Angela How crop circles are made. Add a Comment 11 3.27 -
15 Ben The angry blonde girl: voted most likely to stick a pig's head on a stick and lead other children in the killing of other children Add a Comment 12 2.92 -