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November 5-11, 2007
Week 5 of 13 | Contest 11

Photo Info: This is some unfortunate Spanish "bullfighter" at some recent bullfight in Peru. Go bull! :)

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
Congratulations to this week's winner:
Lane Pollock

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Lane It was at this moment the matador decided kicking the little calf before the fight was not such a good idea. Add a Comment 12 5.42 -
2 Ryan And then somebody farted... Add a Comment View Comments (2) 12 5.08 -
3 Lane Then he saw her, the senorita in row 3 from the other night. Wait, she was looking in his direction. Was she smiling at hi...DOH! Add a Comment 12 5.08 -
4 Lane Considered kooky by his peers, Francisco's "roly poly" defensive technique oft times gave him an edge. Add a Comment 12 5.00 -
5 Ryan "Stupid party am I supposed to get the wrapping off without using my horns?" Add a Comment 12 4.92 -
6 Sara It's all fun and games until the bull's nose ring gets caught in your shiny new sequined pant ruffles. Add a Comment 12 4.92 -
7 Jeff T Helio's Brazilian Jiu-jitsu skills were not as useful in bullfighting as he thought they might be. Add a Comment 12 4.83 -
8 Jason An American exchange student, Mike was still expecting to hear a director yell "Cut" when he passed out and died. Add a Comment 12 4.75 -
9 Jeff T Like dogs, bulls make friends by crotch sniffing. This isn't as bad as it looks, all things considered. Add a Comment 12 4.67 -
10 Joel Now we see how the instinct to "crap your pants" in fear becomes very beneficial. Add a Comment 12 4.67 -
11 Angela Billy the Bull thought he'd found his calling in life as a proctologist. However uncooperative patients made him reconsider his career choice... Add a Comment 13 4.54 -
12 Ben The consequences of fighting a bull named "Eunichator" were now painfully real to Juan Pablo. Add a Comment 12 4.50 -
13 Sara Bull: "This is the lamest pinata ever! Where's the candy?" Add a Comment 12 4.42 -
14 Jeff T "No, por favor, Mr. Bull. Gore my face, my arms, my legs. ANYWHERE but there." Add a Comment 12 4.25 -
15 Jason Pablo assumed he would feel a horn any second now. However. what was coming was much, much worse. Add a Comment View Comments (2) 12 4.08 -
16 Lane The genetics experiment which bred out bulls' attraction to the color red was complete. It just needed a way to be tested... Add a Comment 12 3.75 -
17 Jason We really need to get Chad a girlfriend... Add a Comment 12 3.50 -
18 Brent The bull is excited to be in position to answer the age-old question: "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a human?" Add a Comment 12 3.33 -
19 Jeff T Classic blunder - misinterpreting "The bull" position of the Kama Sutra as actually involving a real bull. Add a Comment 12 3.17 -
20 Jason "Only in San Fransisco..." Add a Comment 12 2.83 -