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November 19-25, 2007
Week 7 of 13 | Contest 11

Photo Info: This was an uploaded image. It appears that the boy somehow lodged his head in the hole in the back of that chair...

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Chris N

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Chris N Once again Calvin proves he doesn't know his head from his ass. Add a Comment 7 5.71 -
2 Sara Everyone pitched in their unique skills to help Danny out, but it wasn't until we called in Verlee the lunch lady and her plate of butter that we made any real progress. Add a Comment 8 5.62 -
3 Ryan At school, Timmy was always good at fitting in. Getting back out was another issue. Add a Comment 7 5.43 -
4 Lane Inspired by The Village People, The Faculty People practice their magic act for the upcoming school talent show. Add a Comment 7 5.43 -
5 Terry Well, if we remove BOTH ears, the chair should slide right off... Add a Comment 8 5.25 -
6 Chris N It took all night and there was a lot of blood, but they were finally able to save that precious chair. Add a Comment 7 5.14 -
7 Lane 10 min. previously...
Bully: "Give me that sucker or ELSE."
Marcus: "Never!" Add a Comment
7 5.14 -
8 Jeff T The Halloween chair costume was a better idea on paper. Add a Comment 8 5.12 -
9 Jason Shop Teacher to himself: "The years of abuse, the hours of hard labor. I KNEW one day my skills would pay off and I'd be a hero!" Add a Comment 7 5.00 -
10 Ryan No student had ever failed the career day aptitude test so completely. Add a Comment 7 5.00 -
11 Sara An indoor recess game of human Whack-A-Mole gone wrong...should have stuck with Heads Up, 7 Up. Add a Comment 8 5.00 -
12 Lane Referendum 1 is filled with flaws, loopholes, unanswered questions, tortures children, and fails Utah families. Join me in voting NO to Referendum 1. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 7 5.00 -
13 Joel I hope it was at least a double dog dare. Add a Comment 7 4.86 -
14 Jason See what can happen children, when you smoke? Add a Comment 7 4.86 -
15 Jonathan Nobody thought that the Faculty room bandit would fall for Janitor Rigg's dangling-lollipop-off-the-back-of-the-chair trap. Add a Comment 7 4.86 -
16 Jonathan When Jack was paired with Lisa Manseski in PE square dance lessons, he came up with his own ingenious plan to get out of class. Add a Comment 7 4.71 -
17 Jason "Please, let's prevent any more tragedies like this one. Vote for more public school funding." Love, The Teachers Union Add a Comment 7 4.57 -
18 Chris N The next day, Billy wasn't in class and the lunch room unexpectedly served Sloppy Joes. Add a Comment 7 4.43 -
19 Jonathan UEA conventions offer a variety of team-building activities and puzzles that have real-world applications. Add a Comment 7 4.43 -
20 Jeff T Finally a contraption that was successful in helping Johnny to stop biting his nails. Add a Comment 8 4.38 -
21 Joel Handyman Jim: Which will it be? The chair or the boy? Add a Comment 7 4.14 -
22 Jason This is the new publicity photo for next year's "Diversity Awareness Month". The showcase groups will include the elderly, racial minorities, professional women, and the mentally challenged. Add a Comment 7 4.14 -
23 Chris N It's district policy that "Chair Children" are held back. Add a Comment 7 4.00 -
24 Jonathan Arnold learns the hard way about proper respect for women, especially Amazon women. Add a Comment 7 4.00 -
25 April J "Fat guy in a liiiiittle chaaair" Add a Comment 7 3.71 -
26 Jeff T At the end of their rope, the school disciplinary committee decided drastic measures were needed to keep Bobby from hurting himself and others. Add a Comment 8 3.50 -
27 Ben Hence the motto - "just say no!" Add a Comment 8 3.12 -
28 Steve I gues my 9th grade Algabra teacher was right. We are just lumps of protoplasm soaking up varnish. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 8 3.00 -
29 Jeff T Steve Ballmer's little brother 20 years ago Add a Comment View Comments (1) 8 2.50 -