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December 3-9, 2007
Week 9 of 13 | Contest 11

Photo Info: This is a recent photo in the oval office. Apparently Nobel Prize winners get some face time with the Pres. I think the expressions on their faces says it all. :)

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William Newcomb

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 William “Okay guys, look like you want to be here…”
George: “At least it’s not Hillary”
Al: “At least it’s not Tipper”
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15 5.40 -
2 Nate They were having a glum day until they realized they would both be given capes so they could pretend to fly around the office. Add a Comment 16 5.00 -
3 Jason After arriving via private jet from his 5th home in the Tennessee valley and visiting the White House via three suburbans, Al Gore made a rousing speech at George Washington University encouraging all the students to save the planet by changing their light bulbs. Add a Comment 15 4.87 -
4 Christy Bush, through gritted teeth: "Why don't I make pants out of your skin? That would be like recycling."
Gore: "Just keep smiling, Georgie . . ." Add a Comment
15 4.80 -
5 Jason "Hey Georgie, that feels pretty nice, firm yet soft."
"Get your hand off my butt you freak." Add a Comment
15 4.67 -
6 William G.W. couldn’t help grinning when he got the report that in fact it was Gore’s neck that is responsible for Global Warming. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 15 4.60 -
7 Joel Bush: "Hey Tree Hugger, for every animal you save I'm hunting one down on my ranch." Gore: "I hope you go hunting with the Vice President." Add a Comment 15 4.33 -
8 Angela Bill and Hillary dress up for Halloween Add a Comment 15 4.33 -
9 Lane Why the show "America's Next Top Politician" does not exist. Add a Comment 15 4.27 -
10 Ben These bobble-head dolls just keep getting more and more life like. Add a Comment 15 4.20 -
11 Sara Gore: "I don't believe I ever noticed that you snort when you laugh, G-dub."
Bush: "Only in the company of pigs..." Add a Comment
15 4.13 -
12 Casey Intern Monica Lewinsky. visits the WhiteHouse yet once again. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 15 4.00 -
13 Jason Gore to himself: "These curtains are all wrong. I would have definately done better." Add a Comment 15 4.00 -
14 Joel Gore: "You remember I won the popular vote don't you?" Bush: " Just keep telling yourself that, loser" Add a Comment 15 4.00 -
15 Lane "Think they're buying the global warming BS, Dubbya?"
"You just keep working the circuit. I'll fill you in on Phase 2 when the time comes..." Add a Comment
15 3.80 -
16 Lane "Boy, George is lookin' a lot older..."
"Damn, Al's kinda blown up..." Add a Comment
15 3.60 -
17 Steve Wheewww, I can smell a little global warming right now. Add a Comment 16 3.56 -
18 Lane A comedian entertains the Nobel Prize proceedings at the White House...
" then the Pope says, 'acta non verba', and they rounded up all the politicians and executed them. Thank you, thank've been a great audience." Add a Comment
15 3.27 -
19 Brent Right, the expressions on their faces say it all: "I'm holding back a fart." Add a Comment 16 2.69 -