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December 31, 2007-January 6, 2008
Week 13 of 13 | Contest 11

Photo Info: This photo of presidential candidte Mitt Romney is from the Yahoo "Year In Review" series.

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Jonathan Young

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Jonathan "...because really, to me, anti-gun is anti-fun." Add a Comment View Comments (1) 14 5.79 -
2 Jason "Earl, can you believe my wife was able to sew me a tie out of only THIS much of your shirt? Now that is a real first lady!" Add a Comment 14 5.21 -
3 Sara "You know, John Browning was a Mormon..." Add a Comment View Comments (1) 14 4.93 -
4 Jonathan Romney backpedals as he tries to explain why Mr. Carter hasn't yet received his bobble head Mitt for his recent $15 donation. Add a Comment 14 4.93 -
5 Jonathan "I know with every fiber in my being that guns are true." Add a Comment 14 4.71 -
6 Jonathan Mitt shows a skeptical right winger that he knows the secret hug of the NRA. Add a Comment 14 4.21 -
7 Nate Romney admits it was an ill timed joke. But who'd a thought a Browning sales rep would be a distant relative of the Fancher-Baker party?? Add a Comment 14 3.93 -
8 Shad "What do you recomend for Sage Grouse?" Add a Comment View Comments (2) 14 3.93 -
9 Terry Jed,
I promise that if you help me with "street cred" on the gun issue, Browning will become the "Official Gun Company" of Massachusetts. Add a Comment
14 3.86 -
10 Nate Romeny explains how in a perfect world gun stores and flower shops will team up. Add a Comment 14 3.50 -
11 Shad "If you and your kin vote for me, I will shoot your guns everyday, I promise"
Add a Comment
14 3.29 -
12 Shad " Jack how have you been? When are we going duck hunting you old coot?" Add a Comment 14 3.14 -
13 Jason "Can I get me a huntin' license here?" Add a Comment View Comments (1) 14 3.07 -
14 David Well, I need a big ol' gun. It's gotta have a lotta stoppin power. You see my wife's butt is about this wide... she's a big ol' heffer an' as you can see I'm ready to trade up. Add a Comment 14 2.64 -