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January 21-27, 2008
Week 3 of 13 | Contest 12

Photo Info: I found this on Flickr's interesting photos section. Granny and her dog watching a little "TV". :)

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Sara Allen

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Sara "Take a good long look, pooky. The next time you soil my Persian rug, you're no longer an indoor doggie." Add a Comment 10 5.90 -
2 Michelle Edna: "Oh, look, Buttons. Here comes your best friend Fifi!"
Buttons: "I hate that bitch." Add a Comment
9 5.67 -
3 Amy M Granny B: "My, my Brutus your breath is potent this morning."
Brutus Thinks to Himself: "First, you shouldn't have taught me to drink from the toilet. Second, you should learn to flush." Add a Comment View Comments (1)
9 4.44 -
4 Nate "...and somewhere out there your dad is still tramping around." Add a Comment 9 4.00 -
5 Terry The view from the Gingerbread house is lovely this time of year isn't it fluffy? But once I fatten you up, the only view you'll have will be the inside of my caldron!!!! Add a Comment 9 3.67 -
6 Nate See what that duck is doing. That is how you start making babies. Add a Comment 9 3.33 -
7 Shad " I know that's where I should go potty, But you keep me holed up in here you old bag" Add a Comment 9 3.22 -
8 Ben Using the classic fake yawn technique Granny got her arms around Mr. Cuddles. Now if only there were a way for her to express her feelings for him so easily. Add a Comment 9 2.67 -