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February 11-17, 2008
Week 6 of 13 | Contest 12

Photo Info: This is Pres. Bush during his recent state of the union speech with VP Cheney in the background.

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Ryan Rawlings

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Ryan Cheney's all-time favorite Christmas gift was his Lil' Dubya voodoo doll. Add a Comment 9 5.11 -
2 Joel "I promise to start pulling more troops out of Iraq." Add a Comment 10 4.40 -
3 Lane Cheney: "7 years in this clown's shadow...I wonder if W would be up for a hunting trip." Add a Comment 9 4.33 -
4 Michelle Earlier today, the Vice President said I was going to stand before America and show 'em what a wanker I am. And see, y'all? I can wank real good. Add a Comment 9 4.22 -
5 Lane Dick always was a little jealous of W's hair...oh but what's this? Dick spies the beginnings of a bald spot. Add a Comment 9 4.00 -
6 Jason Bush (looking at Romney): "Thanks for the tie buddy. You're right, these ARE great!" Add a Comment 9 3.89 -
7 Nate And now a few words about homosexuals... Add a Comment 9 3.89 -
8 Lane "Quit screwing around, George. State of the Union is serious business."
"Oh shut up, Dick." Add a Comment
9 3.33 -
9 Cassie The winking seemed to work for McCain... Add a Comment 10 2.90 -
10 Ben "If I can just squeeze off one little fart I can get Cheney good, real good, hahahaha, I'll show them WMD's" Add a Comment 9 2.44 -
11 Shad Chaney grins, knowing Bush just sharted his pants. He see's the brown wet spot from behind... Add a Comment 9 1.78 -