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March 3-9, 2008
Week 9 of 13 | Contest 12

Photo Info: Hmm, who could these people be?? :) Looks like either pre or post debate...I don't know which.

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Jeff Tulley

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Jeff T The square dance portion of the debates brought rave reviews. Add a Comment 10 6.60 -
2 Lane "Hey Hillary...I got one for you. Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her father is Janet Reno."
"Haha. Classic!" Add a Comment
10 5.50 -
3 Lane "I put a whoopee cushion on Wolf Blitzer's chair." Add a Comment 10 5.10 -
4 Angela In this touching moment Obama felt a song coming on: "Rain drops on roses and whiskers on Clinton..." Add a Comment 10 5.10 -
5 Terry Yo 'bama... I don't speak ebonics, but I have mastered the "Whitey Pretends She's Got Soul" hand shake... Add a Comment 11 5.09 -
6 Brian in the event of a tie, the nominee will be chosen by means of "thumb war" Add a Comment 10 4.90 -
7 Sara Is anyone else thinking "Celebrity Death Match"? Add a Comment View Comments (1) 10 4.80 -
8 Jason I can't wait to find out if the Democrats are mostly racists or sexists. Add a Comment 10 4.50 -
9 Angela Hillary: "Oh...Bama! Is that Axe you're wearing? Boom Chick A Wah Wah!!" Add a Comment 10 4.50 -
10 Lane "Didn't you hear? Ralph Nader got hit by a bus." Add a Comment 10 4.50 -
11 Lane "I pocketed 75% of my campaign contributions for this month. How about you?"
"80%. I don't really even WANT to be president...suckers!" Add a Comment View Comments (1)
10 4.30 -
12 Joel Obama: "Your overconfidence is your weakness."
Clinton: "Your faith in your friends is yours." Add a Comment
10 4.10 -
13 Jeff T OK -- let's admit it -- the nomination is a virtual tie. How about we settle this the old fashioned way, with an arm wrestle? Add a Comment 10 3.90 -
14 Shad Obama:"I hope the cameras don"t see my face, I can't be all smilles like this fake bitch" Add a Comment 11 3.45 -
15 RB Obama: "Tonight. You."

(See the Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode "Hand Bannana" for reference) Add a Comment
11 2.91 -