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March 17-23, 2008
Week 11 of 13 | Contest 12

Photo Info: This is New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, with wife Silda at his side, announcing his resignation from office.

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
Congratulations to this week's winner:
Lane Pollock

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Lane It wasn't exactly sweet revenge, but hiding Eliot's dentures JUST before the press conference gave Silda a smidgen of solace. Add a Comment 7 6.71 -
2 Jonathan Akin to bitter-beer face is the more poignant and tear-filled bitter-wife face. Add a Comment 7 5.86 -
3 Lane "Yes, Governor Spitzer. If you knew you were going to get caught, would you do it all over again?" (pause) "Governor Spitzer?" Add a Comment 7 5.43 -
4 Lane "I could have been Mrs. Ned Ryerson. But NOO, I had to fall for the bad boy.", thinks Silda. Add a Comment 7 4.43 -
5 Jonathan No matter how hard he tried, Eliot couldn't wiggle his ears. Add a Comment 7 4.29 -
6 Jeff T Conversation the day before: "Yes, I'll show up at your press conference, on ONE condition -- if I get to place vice grips 'down there'" Add a Comment 7 4.00 -
7 Shad " Yes I resign, Can I go into protective custody, my wife is going to kill me later today" Add a Comment 7 3.71 -
8 Shad "UMMM Yup" Add a Comment 7 3.43 -
9 Jonathan Spitzer sports the ever-more-popular Scarlet Tie. Add a Comment 7 3.29 -
10 Lane All Silda heard the entire press conference were the lyrics to that famous Tammy Wynette song over and over in her head. Add a Comment View Comments (2) 7 3.00 -
11 Jonathan Spitzer sipped his spritzer, but it was sour, sour as Silda, so Spitzer spit the spritzer and sternly scowled, then seemingly smirked at Wolf Blitzer. Add a Comment 7 2.86 -
12 Joel My Bad. Add a Comment 7 2.71 -
13 Joel "I did not have illicit sexual relations of any kind."
"Who does he think he is... the President of the United States of America?" Add a Comment
7 2.71 -