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March 24-30, 2008
Week 12 of 13 | Contest 12

Photo Info: We haven't had an animal themed photo in awhile, so I figured I'd throw this one up. The looks on their faces just crack me up.

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
Congratulations to this week's winner:
Lane Pollock

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Lane As mama cat entered the room Buster quickly covered the catnip with his front paws and hoped for the best. Add a Comment 9 5.11 -
2 Lane "He's always staring at me. Why is he always staring at me? I wonder if he's staring at me right now. Should I look? I'm gonna look." Add a Comment 9 5.00 -
3 Nate Please don't stare at me while I pray. Add a Comment 9 4.78 -
4 Lane Stripes and Tux had been the best of friends all day...but now there was only one Fancy Feast left. Add a Comment 9 4.78 -
5 Lane "Ever since his neutering Max has been looking at me differently", thought Tiger. "I wonder if they screwed up somehow." Add a Comment 9 4.44 -
6 Nate Next week on "Days of Our Cats" Whiskers reveals a personal secret! Add a Comment 9 4.33 -
7 Ben "Cat Cheaters Caught on Web Cam" - where will these reality shows end? Add a Comment 9 4.22 -
8 David In the sinister world of the cats, it always pays to watch your back! Add a Comment 9 4.00 -
9 Jason "Ooops, excuse me" Add a Comment 9 4.00 -
10 Nate Who ate the last crab cake? Add a Comment 9 3.67 -
11 Shad " If we don't move she wont see us, and can't yell at us for tearing up the new couch" "Hold real still and don't sneeze this time Fred" Add a Comment 9 3.56 -