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August 1-7, 2005
Week 4 of 13 | Contest 2

Photo Info: This is an old school photo from about '98 of my friend Doug on our then annual Timp hike. He had just gotten married (hence the shirt). I believe that was also his first cell phone (notice the size). :)

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Amy Mecham

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Amy M Doug may have overlooked the subtle advice on his shirt. Judging by his hairdo, I'm almost sure of it. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 17 6.41 -
2 Doug While kissing his wife goodbye over the phone, Doug inadvertantly slips the phone some tongue... Add a Comment 18 5.78 -
3 Amy M Lane openly mocks Doug about the size of his cell phone, attempting to convince him, despite what his wife says, that it does in fact matter. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 17 5.71 -
4 Steven COLD FEET?!?! HA! Add a Comment 17 5.35 -
5 Mike K Yes dear, I'm wearing the shirt you bought me. Yes dear, I put sunscreen on. Yes dear... Add a Comment 17 5.29 -
6 Lane "You have a collect call from someone identifying herself as 'ball and chain'...will you accept the charges?" Add a Comment View Comments (3) 17 5.29 -
7 Jeff T Uh, yeah, can I order a pizza...and some long pants...and an ice axe. Do you deliver? Ok, how far? Well, technically I _AM_ in the greater Provo area... Add a Comment View Comments (1) 17 5.29 -
8 Kendal "Sorry to bother you at work honey, but..." "....What do mean I'm an idiot? Hikers forget things all the time! ... Just get up here with my coat!" Add a Comment 17 5.00 -
9 Lane "What IS that thing, Doug?"
"It's called a 'cellular phone', it's AMAZING! This bad boy is going to improve my quality of life 10 fold, I'll never be out of touch...hey cool, someone is calling right now..."
"Hello Mr. Wheeler. I am calling on behalf of Direct Lending Mortgage company, our records indicate that you qualify..." Add a Comment
17 5.00 -
10 Michelle "Hello? Hey, dad...what's up? ... Yeah, I know the wedding's in 2 hours. ... Where am I? Uhh, funny you should ask. I kinda got wasted at the bachelor party last night--and well, I woke up on this mountain..." Add a Comment 17 4.82 -
11 Lane "Hello? Hello?!? Hmm, she must have inadvertantly hit the speed dial..." (Doug listens)
"Don't worry, my husband went hiking on Timp today, he won't be back for hours. Now, let me go change into something more...comfortable..." Add a Comment
17 4.65 -
12 Allison (This was actually taken that fateful day he met his future wife...)
Hey, I was supposed to meet my blind date 10 minutes ago. Do you think she saw me and left?
Lane: Dude, tell me you're not wearing that shirt again.
Add a Comment
17 4.59 -
13 Marco "Honey, I'm clearly still in 'groom shrink-wrap', so no, I'm not ready to have kids and I am not coming back from BFE until you agree... (long pause) ... Wouldn't mind practicing though." Add a Comment 17 4.59 -
14 Mike K Dougie damns the cell phone technology that allows his wife to reach him even when he's out hiking. Add a Comment 17 4.53 -
15 David That polar bear dip in Emerald Lake was cold honey, Ill need some warming up tonight....... But every body was doing it. ...I know, you are right. It was stupid. Add a Comment 17 4.53 -
16 Anonymous Doug calls his wife and asks permission to tear part of his shirt off for some impromptu TP. Add a Comment 18 4.44 -
17 Mike K "Dr. Smith's office how may I help you?"
"This is 'Big Wheeler' here. I'd like to know when these dilating eye drops will wear off. These geriatric sunglasses are killin' me!" Add a Comment
17 4.35 -
18 David The positive thing about a cell phone this big, is that it always provides much needed warmth in the Arctic gusts. It is almost large enough to hide behind and use as a wind break. Add a Comment 17 4.35 -
19 Lane "You've spent enough time on that silly's time for you to come home and be with me."
"But dear, it's less than a mile to the summit, we..."
"Hey! Which part of 'for better or for WORSE' did you not understand?" Add a Comment
17 4.24 -
20 Ryan Honey?...You'll never believe it! I lost my pants on the hike!....Yeah, I'm ok...Lane lent me his towel, so we're good to go. Add a Comment 17 4.24 -
21 Donna Doug is scrambling trying to get a hold of a dealer for a quick hook up. He is pretty bummed to learn that Lane brought him up here to indeed see some "pure snow". Add a Comment 17 4.00 -
22 Kendal Can you hear me now? ...oh $#&! Add a Comment View Comments (2) 17 3.94 -
23 Lane "Operator? Yeah, this is agent Wheeler...I was supposed to appear in Bermuda for some undercover reconnaissance, but I think I'm in...I don't know, Nepal or somewhere. Is there a glitch in the Matrix again?" Add a Comment 17 3.88 -
24 Mike K "Hello, 911? Yeah, my buddy Lane got us lost again. We're somewhere near Timp this time..." Add a Comment 17 3.82 -
25 Kendal WHAT DO MEAN YOU DON'T DELIVER UP HERE?!! ... must... have... energy... ... Add a Comment 17 3.82 -
26 Cray Well actually marriage is not that bad, you should try it Lane. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 17 3.82 -
27 Casey Doug: "Hey lane you slow piece of crap get up here!!"
Lane: "Doug, since you got married I don't have the Stamina that you do now." Add a Comment
17 3.76 -
28 Cray We saw this sign " Avalanche Control Area" and then someone started shooting at us. No lie. Add a Comment 17 3.76 -
29 Marco "Honey, all I know is that Lane said he had a prize for me. I got into the helicopter and it was all rad until they just dropped me here. I think it has something to do with me bragging to him that I was getting a butt massage." Add a Comment 17 3.59 -
30 Marco Here is an authentic picture of "newly wed Doug" as he *again* confirms his daily reservation to Anniversary Inn. His wife is the one taking the picture, so that she can use it as some kind of voucher in the future. Add a Comment 17 3.59 -
31 Mike K Wife: "How's your hike with Lane going?"
Doug: "It's pretty good...for me to POOP on! Phhhbbbt!" Add a Comment
17 3.35 -
32 Cray I don't know where I am, they said something about shivaree and dumped me in this snow field. Add a Comment 17 3.29 -
33 Mike K Lane: "Hurry up Dougie!"
Dougie: "But...but...I wath told I could uth my thell phone ath long I wath hiking at an reathonable pace."
Lane: "Move it. NOW!"
Dougie: "But...but...that's the last straw!" Add a Comment
17 3.29 -
34 Casey Doug: "Honey, Honey, Lane and I have found the forbidden city of Shangrila."
Dougs Wife: "Damn, maybe Lane can find a woman now and get married!!" Add a Comment
17 2.88 -
35 Steven They totally spelled boogers wrong on that shirt. Add a Comment View Comments (2) 17 2.82 -
36 Kendal Umm...burr. Add a Comment 17 2.53 -