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August 8-14, 2005
Week 5 of 13 | Contest 2

Photo Info: This is the classic painting from the beloved Old Testament story of Joseph and Potiphar's wife. If you're not familiar with the story, you can read about it here.

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
Congratulations to this week's winner:
Mike Kniephof

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Mike K See how it's done ladies? This is how men want you to flirt - straight-forward, clear-cut, and direct! Add a Comment View Comments (4) 12 6.25 -
2 Mike K Ah yes, the origin of stalkers and restraining orders! Add a Comment 12 5.92 -
3 Lane "No, no, too buff, too tall, he could never be a convincing Joseph...get him out of here. Who's up next?"
"Some guy named Osmond..." Add a Comment View Comments (1)
12 5.58 -
4 Anonymous I just want to slow dance. It's not like I am asking you to marry me. Add a Comment View Comments (2) 13 5.38 -
5 Mike K Look, I just want to go have a drink, hang out with the guys, and watch the game! Add a Comment 12 5.33 -
6 Lane "Apparently you didn't get the 'no miming in the courtyard' quit it." Add a Comment 12 5.33 -
7 Lane "Whoa, relax there Joe. I'm not coming on to you, I just want my coat back. See the many colored one over there? THAT one is yours..." Add a Comment 12 5.17 -
8 Lane Joseph, tired of being the guinea pig for Potiphar's wife's culinary creations, finally takes a stand...
"C'mon Joseph, I need someone to try my new manna casserole."
"No, please, I'm sorry...not another bite..." Add a Comment
12 5.00 -
9 Lane Potiphar's wife showing obvious interest, Joseph contemplates his options...
"I've got this whole goodly, well favoured person rep to maintain...but man she IS pretty hot - the way she casts her eyes upon me. Should I hearken unto her? Maybe just one little lie? Dahh, what to do??? I guess I'll flee." Add a Comment
12 4.75 -
10 Cray At the annual real life-size chess tournament between Egypt and Israel, Potiphar's black queen prepares to capture Jacob's white bishop. Add a Comment 12 4.67 -
11 Kendal Joseph:
"Get thee hence, woman!"

Potiphar's Wife:
"Aaaah get yourself hence. But first give me my coat back!" Add a Comment
12 4.58 -
12 Kendal True origin of current Arab/Israeli Conflict:

Saddama, wife of Potiphar:
"Lay with me, son of Israel."

"I'm a little busy right now, but..."

"You mock me? Prepare thy people for Jihad!" Add a Comment
12 4.58 -
13 Michelle Backstage at Mountain View High's production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, starring Lane Pollock as Joseph.
"C'mon, Lane, we're not onstage for another 15 minutes. Let's go make out!"
"Nooooo! You know I'm not that kind of guy. Owww! You're hurting my arm! Stop pulling me!" Add a Comment View Comments (1)
12 4.42 -
14 Lane Joseph is reluctantly talked into competing in the annual "Mr. Egypt" contest. This is the scene just before the evening wear competition...
Joseph: "No, I can't do it...I'm too nervous...these shoes are all wrong...they'll laugh at me!"
Potiphar's wife: "Just get OUT there!" Add a Comment
12 4.33 -
15 Mike K Hands off, lady! The youth handbook clearly states that I should only "attend dances where dress, grooming, lighting, lyrics, and music contribute to a wholesome atmosphere!" Add a Comment 12 4.25 -
16 Kendal Joseph, attempting to "throw" a low, surly, Potapharish voice:
"I'm home early honey; I trust my dinner is ready..."

Potiphar's wife:
"Oh that's enough, Joseph! Now let's just go to bed." Add a Comment
12 4.17 -
17 David I bet that pretty boy made a lot of friends in prison. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 12 4.08 -
18 Brian NO! not another shoe store! the flip-flops you're wearing are fine! Add a Comment 12 4.08 -
19 Brent "So Israel has 1st and 10 at the Egypt 45. Heres the give up the middle to Joseph son of Jacob, he breaks free, at the 30, the 20, uh-oh, looks like Potiphar's wife is going to take him down, Joseph straight-arms, doesn't work, it looks like he's going do.. no he leaves his coat and he's at the 10 the 5, TOUCHDOWN ISRAELITES!" Add a Comment View Comments (1) 12 3.83 -
20 Nephi Sorry Potifar's wife, my whip broke last week and I am not really into that kinky stuff anyway. Add a Comment 12 3.83 -
21 Nephi Talk to the elbow! Add a Comment 12 3.75 -
22 Anonymous Your tourquoise headband clashes with my red cape! There is no way I will be seen in public with you!!! Add a Comment 13 3.69 -
23 Amy M Look at the abs, calves and biceps on that thing, he must work out. Add a Comment 12 3.67 -
24 Amy M "Remember your diet Joseph? Today is day one."
"Potty, LAY OFF ME I'M STARVING!" Add a Comment
12 3.50 -
25 Amy M Potiphar demonstrates the wrong way to take rejection, with physical force. Can you imagine if Lane took it the same way? Add a Comment 12 3.33 -
26 Mike K "Come on, just come sit in our cheering section!"
"Nooo! I already told you. I hate the Tar Heels and I'm a die-hard Trojan fan." Add a Comment
12 3.33 -
27 Michael Joseph "Let's do the humpty dance."
Potifer's Wife "NO! Come do the hoky poky with me." Add a Comment View Comments (1)
12 3.25 -
28 David I get the impression that Potiphar's wife is a little jealous of the clothing that Joseph has. She just wants his pretty robe and collar like thingy. I know that I would be embarrassed if I had to wear a collar like that around. Add a Comment 12 3.00 -
29 Casey Wow I guess they even had "Wedding Crashers" back in the old day. Add a Comment 12 2.67 -
30 Amy M Joseph gives Potiphar a free ticket to the gun show. Add a Comment 12 2.58 -
31 Steve Well, I believe in the soul, the celmo, the pelmo, the small of a woman's back, the hanging curve ball, high fiber, good scotch, that the novels of Susan Sontag are self-indulgent, overrated crap. I believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. I believe there ought to be a constitutional amendment outlawing Astroturf and the designated hitter. I believe in the sweet spot, **************, opening your presents Christmas morning rather than Christmas Eve and I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days. Goodnite

Add a Comment View Comments (2)
13 1.00 -