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August 15-21, 2005
Week 6 of 13 | Contest 2

Photo Info: Who doesn't know the story of Noah and the ark? In the off chance you don't, click here to read about it.

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Anonymous Lane grows old and refuses to leave the single's ward. Despite the mocking and laughing he demands that he continue to be the choir director. Add a Comment View Comments (3) 17 6.82 -
2 Joel "And it came to pass that on the eve of every sixth day of the the week all the inhabitants of the land of Jarshemeth came unto the sea shore to play charades. Add a Comment 16 6.38 -
3 Kendal While trying to lead the multitude through a round of "YMCA", Noah is cruelly ridiculed. Add a Comment 16 6.12 -
4 Lane "Hey, has anyone seen the bigfeet? Mean and scary like this: RRRrrr!! No? Oh well, I guess we'll have to leave without 'em..." Add a Comment 16 5.94 -
5 Brent In a desperate attempt to save some people, Noah demonstates the backstroke. Add a Comment 16 5.56 -
6 Tim Little did the people know, the prophet Noah was revealing hand signals for a popular American sport. Add a Comment View Comments (2) 16 5.50 -
7 Brent Noah "I got a question for you, funny people, how long can you tread water?" Add a Comment 16 5.44 -
8 Lane While righteous and humble and talented with wood, Noah was a terrible public speaker: "Big clouds. Big rain. Big flood!!" Add a Comment 16 5.38 -
9 Shelley Trying to get the people more enthused, he leads them in the NOAH cheer. "Give me an N" "Give me an O"..... Add a Comment 17 5.18 -
10 Kendal "Alright, the next fetcher with a wisecrack gets this axe lodged in his noggin!" Add a Comment View Comments (1) 16 5.00 -
11 Ryan I swear, the fish was THIS BIG! Add a Comment 16 4.94 -
12 Michael Noa gets ready to stage dive. Add a Comment 16 4.94 -
13 Anonymous I'm thinking a forty day cruise with a stop over at Ararat. Add a Comment 17 4.88 -
14 Kendal For hours, the multitude listened to his words respectfully. But suddenly, it became clear Noah hadn't used deodorant in years. Add a Comment 16 4.69 -
15 Lane "Noah, you fool, there's no WAY you're gonna fit two of every animal, you're gonna need a much bigger boat..."
"Oh yeah? How about THIS big?" Add a Comment
16 4.62 -
16 Steven In springtime Santa Claus takes time to tells some good natured folks about last Christmas's adventures. "I had to put the bag on my head to keep the dogs from getting to it." Add a Comment 17 4.18 -
17 Anonymous I could have been a black belt but I had to stop and build an ark.
Add a Comment
17 4.18 -
18 Anonymous Repent? I thought he said resent. Add a Comment 17 4.12 -
19 Anonymous All we need is a pond for burling and we could have a timber-cutter's rodeo, I'll pray for rain. Add a Comment 17 4.12 -
20 Lane "Look at his little girly he'll tell us he's gonna build a boat! HA HA HA HA!" Add a Comment View Comments (1) 16 3.94 -
21 Brent As an old man, Obi-Wan Kenobi's powers grow weak. Add a Comment 16 3.94 -
22 Anonymous Everybody wang chung tonight! Add a Comment 17 3.82 -
23 Sommer Noah's loin clothe is falling and he still hasn't noticed. Add a Comment 16 3.38 -
24 Michael Come on you all. I can't hold my arms up like this forever. Add a Comment 16 3.12 -
25 RB I'm pretty offended that there would be a sacred picture like this on this site to be made fun of. This picture is in the Temple for hells sake! Add a Comment View Comments (1) 17 2.71 -
26 Anonymous Lane are you trying to tell us something, with all of the biblical stories? Add a Comment View Comments (3) 17 2.06 -
27 Anonymous Noah found grace in the eyes of the lord. Noah found grace in the eyes of the lord Add a Comment View Comments (2) 17 1.88 -