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April 11-17, 2005
Week 2 of 13 | Contest 1

Photo Info: This was in Arches during our ranger guided tour of the Fiery Furnace. We would stop every 100 feet and the ranger would tell us some more about how we shouldn't step on the cryptobiotic soil.

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
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Nate Haldeman

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Nate Serioulsy, if you guys try to trip me agian this tour is over! Add a Comment View Comments» (7) 18 6.56 -
2 Meghan Trying to spice up the tour, Shane took his “Soil, Rocks, and All That Jazz” number a little too far with the hip pop, tap sequence, and the one man chorus line finale Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 18 6.44 -
3 Mike K Preaching slot canyon safety and employing a scare tactic, this ranger explains that flash floods usually wipe out little boys (who are about THIS tall) first. Add a Comment View Comments» (2) 18 6.28 -
4 Jordan H This guys wrists are incredibly sore, after spending half the night ironing the brim of his hat. Add a Comment 18 5.94 -
5 Meghan And when I went to stop the young hooligans from stepping on the soil - I slipped, fell, and broke my wrists…and after a painful and uneffective surgery I stand before you today Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 18 5.89 -
6 Jordan H Trying to take a pee is the worst part of it all. Can one of you kids give me a hand? Add a Comment 18 5.89 -
7 David Speaking to his captive audience, Leslie the dancing ranger, describes to the boys how they can get a cool uniform and hat of their own, and still remain true to their inner selves. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 18 5.78 -
8 Miranda (song)
MY little butter cup...has the sweetest smile...HEY little buttercup...won't you stay a and me should settle down in a cottage built for two...HEY little buttercup...MY little buttercup..SWEET little buttercup...I LOOOOVE YOUUU! Add a Comment View Comments» (6)
19 5.68 -
9 Brian Ok! the next step in the fiery furnace Devil dance is the shoulder shuffle! Now 1 and 2 and 3 and 4... Come on Kids! Add a Comment 18 5.67 -
10 Mike K Look kid, I don’t care what the guy with the camera told you…peeing on the canyon walls and stepping on the cryptobiotic soil is NOT allowed! Add a Comment View Comments» (6) 18 5.50 -
11 Lane Little Boy: "I heard all park rangers can do 'The Robot', is that true?"
Ranger: "Of course, watch this!" Add a Comment
18 5.50 -
12 Jordan H If you ever get trapped in quicksand, just do this. It wont really do anything, but you’ll look good going down.
Add a Comment
18 5.39 -
13 Leena What unemployed ballet dancers do in the off season. Add a Comment 18 5.33 -
14 Cray Yeah, putting on my shirt and coat is hell in the morning. Add a Comment 19 5.32 -
15 Donna I've had it up to here with you boys and your antics!!! Add a Comment 18 5.28 -
16 Morgan listen you little punk kids, i told you already, i know this hat doesn't match! they make me wear it! leave me alone! Add a Comment 18 5.22 -
17 David ....And then as a tension breaker during the cerimony the Indians used to flit and turn about like little faries. Add a Comment 18 5.17 -
18 Nate Sometimes, I go like this...and it hurts my wrists. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 18 5.06 -
19 Nate I'm a little tea-pot short and stout... Add a Comment 18 5.00 -
20 Jeff T Ranger Gord demonstrates the Martial Arts palm heel strike he will immediately unleash on anybody who disses him for bringing up the word cryptobiotic again. Add a Comment 18 4.83 -
21 Donna Ranger M. Jackson: "You must be this tall to ride THIS ride." Add a Comment 18 4.83 -
22 Lane Ranger: Hey guys, wanna see something really freaky? I can rotate my arm 360 degrees.
Boys: Whoa... Add a Comment
18 4.72 -
23 Lane "What ya gonna DO to me if I step on your precious soil?" (ranger gives little boy a cold stare) "Last little punk kid that murdered some soil...I pushed him into a pothole full of water and kept his head under like THIS until he stopped squirming." Add a Comment 18 4.72 -
24 Cray Remember, if you step in the quicksand try to use your hands to increase the surface tension. Add a Comment 19 4.68 -
25 Joel "Hey, how would you like it if you were just a peice of soil minding your own business and all the sudden a gigantic foot comes out of the sky and squashes you flat, squishing your guts out all over the place and leaving you to wriggle helplessly in the scorching sun while you die a slow and painful death!?" Add a Comment 18 4.61 -
26 Brent Ranger to kids: "Oh, Tommy, that hoodie looks FABULOUS on you, Bobby, that bowl cut is SOOO 1999..." Add a Comment 18 4.61 -
27 Julie H Napoleon Dynamite joins the forest service. Add a Comment View Comments» (2) 18 4.61 -
28 Brent "So my favorite movie is Mary Poppins. My favorite part is when Burt is dancing with the Penguins like this..." Wanna get away? Now you can with low fairs from Soutwest Airlines." Add a Comment 18 4.56 -
29 Lane Although his delivery was a little stiff, Ranger-stein felt his message was well received by the impressionable young minds: "CRYPTOBIOTIC SOIL GOOD! THROW ROCKS AT SQUIRRELS BAD!" Add a Comment 18 4.50 -
30 Brent "How did my wrists get this way? I hugged one too many trees." Add a Comment 18 4.33 -
31 Jordan H Hey kids, don’t look now but there’s a weird looking guy standing right behind you that’s just about ready to take a picture.
Add a Comment
18 4.22 -
32 Cray Unlike Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego my wrists were slightly scorched. Add a Comment View Comments» (3) 19 4.16 -
33 Joel "Whats that on your shoe? Is that dirt? Did you know that's an endangered species?" Add a Comment 18 4.11 -
34 Casey Why did Lane choose this photo for this week?

1) Lane got fired from Wing Enterprise and was just letting us all know of what his next job was going to be?

2) Lane felt really ashamed at himself cause he stepped on the Cryptobiotic Soil?

3) Could this be the reason (Person) why Lane is not married yet?
4) Or he wanted to be more like Tad and wear a badge and carry a gun? Add a Comment View Comments» (8)
18 3.83 -
35 Morgan if you kids don't tip me well, were going to do the reinactment of what happens when you step on cryptobiotic soil - and your going to play the soil and im gonna kill you! Add a Comment View Comments» (2) 18 3.72 -
36 Steve Now BooBoo bear is this tall, while Yogi bear is this tall, so don't leave any picinic baskets out.....Yeah Yeah Booboo, let's get some pic-i-nic baskets... Add a Comment 18 3.44 -
37 Casey Yogi Bear: Hey Boo-boo lets go steal some picnic baskets, while Mr. Ranger is not looking at us. Add a Comment 18 2.78 -