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August 29-September 4, 2005
Week 8 of 13 | Contest 2

Photo Info: This is (Ask) Michelle up in Jasper in Canada earlier this year. Apparently she has a thing for a, uh, man in uniform? :)

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Brian Harker

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Brian "hey, what do you say you and me get out of here and... you know... hybernate." Add a Comment View Comments» (4) 19 6.05 -
2 Michael This proves the fact that any male with a job looks more attractive to women. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 19 5.68 -
3 Mike K This vacationing bear visits the human wax museum and poses with the popular Grimshaw display. Add a Comment 19 5.53 -
4 Mindy This bear was savagely shot in front of her cubs. We thought it would be cute to stuff her and dress her up in a mounty uniform. Add a Comment View Comments» (2) 19 5.47 -
5 Kendal The bear wonders if this oblivious young woman will taste as good as the mounty he enountered last week. Add a Comment 19 5.26 -
6 Cray Mom said not to settle for someone unless they were tall, dark and.....I can't remember what the third thing was. Add a Comment 19 5.21 -
7 Nate Notice the left paw of the bear. Good placment! Add a Comment View Comments» (3) 19 5.16 -
8 Brent Chicks dig a man in uniform, apparently MORE than chicks dig a guy that's human. Add a Comment 19 5.05 -
9 Anonymous Michelle's dating situation is looking GRIZZLY. Add a Comment 20 4.95 -
10 Michelle Gullible as always, Michelle actually buys the bear's line about "This is how we shake hands in Canada." Or maybe she was just desperate for some action. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 19 4.95 -
11 Lane Michelle satisfies her "bear" necessities. Add a Comment View Comments» (5) 19 4.89 -
12 Lane Michelle's LASIK surgery accident turned out to be a blessing in disguise as the outward appearance of the guys she dates now means virtually nothing. Add a Comment 19 4.79 -
13 Cray At last I know what the chaperone at the church dance ment when she said "no bear hugging". Add a Comment 19 4.79 -
14 Michael YES! I knew chest and back hair could get the ladies! Add a Comment 19 4.74 -
15 Lane Although terrifying for her, Michelle's therapist suggested this exercise for 15 min. a day to help get over her BEARanoia. Add a Comment 19 4.68 -
16 Mike K Pepsi takes advantage of the predictable tourists who inevitably all take this picture. Add a Comment View Comments» (2) 19 4.68 -
17 Casey After being rejected by both Bart, Lane, Michelle restorts to getting a litlle "Something Something" from an inanimate object. Add a Comment 19 4.63 -
18 Sommer Oh Mom, I can't wait for you to meet him. He's a return missionary, he goes to the temple 5 days a week, he's the Elder's Quorum president, and he loves children. Add a Comment View Comments» (2) 19 4.63 -
19 Brian After the big breakup with bullwinkle, Michelle marries smokey on the rebound. Add a Comment 19 4.58 -
20 Kendal Mounty: "If you really want me to forget the ticket, get your grips off of me and slip me $50 American!" Add a Comment 19 4.58 -
21 Mike K A bunch of guys try to top each other with extravagant gifts to win Michelle over. Even though Michelle appears pleased, the guy who gave her this oversized teddy bear came in 3rd place. Better luck next time pal. Add a Comment 19 4.58 -
22 Michelle Coming to the conclusion that American boys are hopeless (and realizing that she's not exactly a spring chicken anymore), Michelle latches on to the first Canadian guy who will give her the time of day. Add a Comment 19 4.53 -
23 Michael Michelle has a thing for guys whose shoulders and neck are the same width. Add a Comment 19 4.53 -
24 Mike K Michelle demonstrates to Lane and Mike the proper technique to use when attempting the daring 'wax-the-booty' move when giving a date a good night hug/kiss. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 19 4.53 -
25 Steven "You're right! Only I can prevent forest fires. Thank you Mr. Mountie Bear." Add a Comment 19 4.47 -
26 Kendal Michelle's developing preference for hairy men has gone too far. Add a Comment 19 4.47 -
27 Kendal Michelle finally thinks she's figured it out: "I can't understand a word this guy is saying... I wonder if he's from Quebec." Add a Comment 19 4.47 -
28 Brent This picture was taken immediately after the bear said "Don't listen to that Lane fellow, Michelle, you're ankles are quite thinner than expected." Add a Comment 19 4.42 -
29 Mindy They stopped using brown bears as Royal Mounted Police when some were found scavenging for berries while a bank was being robbed.
Add a Comment
19 4.32 -
30 Kendal Following the re-election of President George Bush, Michelle becomes desperate for Canadian citizenship. Add a Comment 19 4.26 -
31 Michael Once again Michelle makes a feeble attempt to make Lane jealous. Add a Comment View Comments» (2) 19 4.21 -
32 Michael Michelle: "Please will you buy me a Pepsi Plllleeeease."

Bear: "Don't give me that look. No! Not the look. oh OK. Have a Pepsi." Add a Comment View Comments» (1)
19 4.16 -
33 Cory (Yogi Bear Voice) Hey Boo Boo who's this chick?.... and what is this paw doing on her?...... Hey you with the camera... No I will not sign a release form for "Bears gone wild..." Add a Comment 19 4.11 -
34 Mike K Volunteering in Canadian preschools, Michelle shows the kids what NOT to do: "So, even though many animals APPEAR to be cute and cuddly, you should never attempt to hug or pet them." Add a Comment 19 4.11 -
35 Michael Michelle - "Oh you are so brave and strong. Thank you for chasing away those dirty boys."
Mr. Bear - "Please get your hand off my chest. You are making me feel uncomfortable." Add a Comment
19 4.05 -
36 Joel Michelle: " I know you, your the bear from the stickers on the side of all the Canadian dumpsters!" Add a Comment 19 4.00 -
37 Mike K Dear Michelle: Why do chicks always fall for flowers and teddy bears? Add a Comment 19 3.95 -
38 Karin It's the uniform that does all the work... who cares what's underneath it! Add a Comment 20 3.80 -
39 Sommer See guys, this is what the ladies want. A man that will stand still and wait to be "bagged." Add a Comment 19 3.79 -
40 Lane Baby let me be,
Around you every night
Run your fingers through my hair,
And cuddle me real tight
Oh let me be
Your Mounty Bear Add a Comment View Comments» (1)
19 3.79 -
41 Anonymous My knight in...I knew it was worth the wait. Add a Comment 20 3.75 -
42 Michael Oh yes, I will become Canadian. Anything for you. Add a Comment View Comments» (3) 19 3.74 -
43 Nate As Michelle distracts the bear, Lane goes for a Pepsi even though he prefers MOuntain Dew. Add a Comment 19 3.68 -
44 Cray Lets see, hold still, play dead, and mabe it will just leave. Add a Comment 19 3.68 -
45 Casey Well, you all have heard of the story of a Princess kissing a Toad. This is the outcome of Michelle kissing Lane!!! Add a Comment View Comments» (2) 19 3.58 -
46 Brian I caught you a beautiful bass... Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 19 3.58 -
47 Anonymous Once again, Michelle falls for a guy with back hair. Add a Comment View Comments» (3) 20 3.55 -
48 Brent Michelle still loves Dudley Do-Right, even though he's been turned into a bear. Add a Comment 19 3.11 -
49 Sommer Who's your Daddy?
Add a Comment View Comments» (1)
19 3.11 -
50 Nate Lane Pollock is old and unmarried. Add a Comment View Comments» (4) 19 3.00 -
51 Michael How deas she even know it's a guy? Add a Comment View Comments» (2) 19 2.95 -
52 Anonymous Damn! I knew I shouldn’t have left the dance recital early.... Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 20 2.90 -
53 Brent Michelle is happy to see her Uncle Caveman, she has not yet realized that Uncle Caveman is a bear. Add a Comment 19 2.58 -