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September 5-11, 2005
Week 9 of 13 | Contest 2

Photo Info: This is a photo uploaded awhile back by Brian I believe (last week's winner) from his mission in Hawaii.

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
Congratulations to this week's winner:
Brent Fredrickson

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Brent And we cast lots to see who would hold the net while the others played. And it came to pass that the lot fell upon Elder Lalani. And Elder Lalani said many great and abominable words. Add a Comment View Comments (9) 16 5.56 -
2 Lane He was a legend in the California Long Beach mission, teaching more discussions than all the other missionaries combined. No one knew how he did it...
"Dude, like 3 more games and we'll totally listen to your message or whatever..." Add a Comment
16 5.31 -
3 Cray Elder Keola demonstrates tsunami survival technique for the rest of the zone. Add a Comment 16 5.31 -
4 Brent In Hawaii, being a beach volleyball referee is not the same cushy job as on the mainland. Add a Comment 16 5.25 -
5 Brian "The mission rules explicitly say that I'm not to stand on the sand, Elder. If I get down, then next thing you know, I'll be swiming with some topless beauty in the ocean. No, thank you." Add a Comment 16 5.25 -
6 Michelle "Can I come down yet, Elder Harker? I'm getting tired."
"No way, man! That was only the first game--this is a best of 5 match."
Add a Comment
16 5.06 -
7 Brian cocoanut tree climbing technique tip #1: when feet become tired and/or uncomfortable, do not wrap legs around tree, as this will only shift the tired and/or uncomfortable feeling to your crotch. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 16 5.06 -
8 Steven Dang liberal tree huggers. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 17 4.76 -
9 Lane When not vying for a major PGA championship, Tiger Woods likes to relax by taking a ride on the neck of a Brontosaurus on Jurassic Park's special VIP island. Add a Comment 16 4.75 -
10 Lane "Yeah, apparently that hurricane really shook him up. Check this out...hey Bob!"
"Katrina!" Add a Comment
16 4.69 -
11 Brent Mahono, you ugly, come down from that tree. Add a Comment View Comments (2) 16 4.50 -
12 Lane Kalani was excited to receive his mission call...but then he opened it: "You have been called to serve in the Boise, Idaho mission..." Add a Comment 16 4.38 -
13 Kendal Tired of being jeered incessantly for his height and jumping abilities, Ralph resolves that he will spike the ball if it's the last thing he does. Add a Comment 16 4.38 -
14 Steven With Ron Popiel's new Full body loofah, you can rasp and grind your way to healthy skin today! Add a Comment 17 4.29 -
15 Nate He even keeps his shirt tucked in while climbing trees. Add a Comment 16 4.25 -
16 Nate It is even harder to find an eternal companion in Hawaii. Add a Comment View Comments (2) 16 4.19 -
17 Michael We told the greenie that if he didn't climb the tree and get a coconut for our investigators then they wouldn't get baptized. Add a Comment 16 4.19 -
18 Cray If I keep practicing, eventually I will be able to do this trick without the safty net. Add a Comment 16 4.06 -
19 Michael Elder, I know you are desperate but isn't this going a bit too far. Add a Comment 16 3.94 -
20 Karin Playing hide and seek... "If I hold on real tight, then maybe they'll think I'm part of the tree!" Add a Comment 16 3.94 -
21 Anonymous Hold on never know when it will hit. Add a Comment 17 3.82 -
22 Michael "What am i doing?" He thinks when he realizes that he doesn't like the tree THAT much. Add a Comment 16 3.75 -
23 Karin He might have misunderstood the part about following the straight and narrow path to get to heaven... it didn't mean climbing straight up! Add a Comment 16 3.69 -
24 Sommer It was his turn this week to hold the net to the tree while everyone else played. Add a Comment 16 3.56 -
25 Sommer Arrghh....Just a few more feet and that coconut is mine. Add a Comment 16 3.50 -
26 Cray He really belives that's Lehi tree of life. Add a Comment 16 3.50 -
27 Michael What some people will do to play some volleyball. Add a Comment 16 3.44 -
28 Anonymous "ahhh...I just needed some of that loving" Add a Comment 17 3.24 -
29 Kendal Lane Pollock has become a hopeless burden to society. Add a Comment View Comments (4) 16 2.25 -