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September 12-18, 2005
Week 10 of 13 | Contest 2

Photo Info: This is another animal related gem uploaded by Jordan. I have no idea how it happened. :)

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Michelle Grimshaw

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Michelle This was supposed to be Jordan's best April Fool's trick ever--the catapult was set perfectly, the trajectory calculated to within mere inches of Mike's front door. But as soon as he let the beast fly, Jordan realized he'd forgotten to account for one thing... At night, if you listen real close, you can still hear him cursing Springville municipal power. Add a Comment View Comments (9) 19 6.26 -
2 Lane In a head-to-head encounter between two bighorn sheep it's often difficult to determine a clear-cut winner. This is not one of those times... Add a Comment 19 5.42 -
3 Michael "I try to impress a ewe and now look at me." Add a Comment 19 5.21 -
4 Michelle The ram was the clear favorite going in to the high bar competition. His routine was technically flawless, and a hush fell over the crowd as he prepared for his difficult full-twisting double back dismount. Add a Comment 19 5.05 -
5 Jeff T A Jackalope was actually the SECOND choice of Pixar for the animation short, "Bound". Unfortunately there were "dificulties" with the first choice. Add a Comment 19 5.00 -
6 Nate One redneck singing one redneck driving: "Home, home on the range. Where the deer and the....Hey Jed what in the heck is that?!?! Add a Comment View Comments (1) 19 5.00 -
7 Mike K The herd's designated lookout sheep: "Yep, I see camou, beer cans, mullets, and firearms. Looks like hunting season has officially begun!" Add a Comment 19 5.00 -
8 Michael The poster for the "No Powerlines in our Wilderness" campaigne. Add a Comment 19 4.89 -
9 Kendal Infuriated by the death of his favorite Ewe, Francis prepares to drop a "#2" on the next hunter who walks by. Add a Comment 19 4.89 -
10 Mike K After a humiliating loss against a human in a Mountain Dew commercial, this guy decides it's time to hang up his horns for good. Add a Comment 19 4.89 -
11 Jeff T One advantage of being a mountain goat: Any ordinary power line can become a zipline. Add a Comment 19 4.84 -
12 Nate After seeing how many captions there were to vote on this week the goat did himself in. Add a Comment 19 4.84 -
13 Nate Hey ma!!! Looks like will be eating like kings tonight. Add a Comment 19 4.68 -
14 Nate Even animals are trying to get better reception these days. Add a Comment 19 4.58 -
15 Lane Although the Nazis put forth effort to make their new wiretap device as "natural" looking as possible, this prototype was scrapped in favor of a smaller, more subtle model... Add a Comment 19 4.53 -
16 Kendal Tired of unfairly being the brunt of goat jokes, the sheep commits suicide. Add a Comment 19 4.47 -
17 Kendal Vigilante justice in the wild west:
"...and the next ram caught with another ram's ewe will face similar consequences!" Add a Comment
19 4.42 -
18 Casey Sheep go to Heaven, Goats go to Hell! Add a Comment View Comments (3) 19 4.37 -
19 Steven This picture was accidentally placed upside down and shows what one flying sheep had to do to stay near the earth. Add a Comment 19 4.37 -
20 Jeff T "Look ma, no hands!" Add a Comment 19 4.32 -
21 Jeff T Fearing that she would be replaced, Michelle tries to hang "The Goat" after he did so well filling in for her on "Ask Michelle" earlier this month. ( Add a Comment 19 4.32 -
22 Steven I can see my house from here. Add a Comment 19 4.32 -
23 Kendal Justice in the animal kingdom:
Spared from the ramming squad, the convicted stampeder receives the more merciful sentence of death by electric wire.
Add a Comment
19 4.26 -
24 Mike K "Ha ha, nice Charlie! Climbing up that pole was sweet! But, NOW what are you gonna do?" Add a Comment 19 4.26 -
25 Jordan H nice rack Add a Comment 19 4.26 -
26 Sommer In an effort to get the new hottie fireman over to her house, Billy Sue called the fire department to get her "cat" out of the "tree." Add a Comment 19 4.26 -
27 Lane "Boy, don't I feel sheepish." Add a Comment 19 4.11 -
28 Karin A new idea for street decorations? Add a Comment 19 4.11 -
29 Nate This is almost like horse-play. Add a Comment 19 4.00 -
30 Mike K Man, that new Cabela's has really jacked things up around here! Add a Comment 19 3.95 -
31 Mike K One of the dumbest ideas Ford's marketing team came up with to try and slow sales of the competitor's Dodge Ram pickup. Add a Comment 19 3.95 -
32 Kendal Herbert soon realizes that the highly acclaimed electric therapy isn't all it's made out to be. Add a Comment 19 3.89 -
33 Brent The last thing heard from the ram on the ground was "I love what you do for me, Toyota!" Add a Comment 19 3.89 -
34 Casey Corner or Canal Street and Orleanes Ave. Add a Comment 19 3.84 -
35 Joel Here we see another attempt to modernize the bible. "And Abraham lifted up hs eyes, and looked, and behold behind him a ram caught in a thicket by his horns:"(Genesis 22: 13) Add a Comment View Comments (1) 19 3.74 -
36 Lane The powerlines they use in the desert are "ram tough". Add a Comment 19 3.74 -
37 Michelle Another casualty of Utah Power's annual Lineman Rodeo. Add a Comment 19 3.74 -
38 Brent This ram drew the short straw and had to be the ball, unfortunately, the extra point hit the crossbar. Add a Comment 19 3.68 -
39 Jordan H That goat looks delicious Add a Comment View Comments (1) 19 3.68 -
40 Mindy If this ram doesn't find a way down, I think it might die. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 20 3.60 -
41 Karin I was so sure I could make that jump... Now I'll never make it to the Olympics... Add a Comment 19 3.58 -
42 Nate Proof that animals are not as smart as humans. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 19 3.53 -
43 Morgan Fly by wire. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 19 3.47 -
44 Nate There is no shame in calling in sick. Add a Comment 19 3.47 -
45 Jordan H The walrus was Paul....the goat was Nate....koo-koo-ka-choo Add a Comment 19 3.37 -
46 Karin So the Goat wondered... "So I got up here... - and how do I get down???" Add a Comment 19 3.16 -
47 Nate That is what I call hanging around. Add a Comment 19 3.11 -
48 Nate And this is what will happen to the rest of you stupid democrats if you don't shut up!!! Add a Comment View Comments (1) 19 3.00 -
49 Nate Hey Goat! What are you doing? There is no diet pepsi up there!! Add a Comment View Comments (2) 19 2.84 -
50 Nate How much are goat hooves worth these days? Add a Comment 19 2.79 -
51 Karin Oooops!!! Do you think anyone noticed??? Add a Comment 19 2.68 -