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September 19-25, 2005
Week 11 of 13 | Contest 2

Photo Info: I just found this photo in the upload directory as I went to put up the new pic. It cracks me up so I figured I'd throw it up.

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Nate Haldeman

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Nate Cruises for people that didn't make good retirement plans. Add a Comment View Comments (2) 17 6.41 -
2 Michael "This is the last time I rent a boat on the internet." Add a Comment 17 5.88 -
3 Nate The Professor, Mary Ann and Ginger finally made it back. Gilligan, however, was not as lucky. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 17 5.76 -
4 Lane As law enforcement began cracking down on polygamy, it became increasingly difficult to find places where it was still legal to practice it... Add a Comment 17 5.71 -
5 Mike K A forgetful episode of Golden Girls in which Rose and Blanche date the same rich oil tycoon from Texas. Add a Comment View Comments (5) 17 5.53 -
6 Michael "Aaah yeah me and two beautiful ladies on a small raft. What more could a guy ask for?" Add a Comment 17 5.41 -
7 Amy M "Geez, first our vacation in Thailand and now at home in New Orleans." Add a Comment 17 5.41 -
8 Mike K Senior Girl Squad!
Left: "My tan looks soooo gooood!"
Middle: "I have a crush on every bald man."
Right: "My Aqua Velva attracts ALL the hot 60-year olds." Add a Comment View Comments (4)
17 5.41 -
9 Mike K All good comedians learn to visualize their jokes: "So there's a Polack, a Jew, and an American on a raft..." Add a Comment 17 5.41 -
10 Cray Hurricane chasers prepare for a front row look at Rita. Add a Comment 17 5.29 -
11 William The NEW and improved FEMA team. Add a Comment View Comments (2) 17 5.12 -
12 Nick ...The Final three survivors. Who will outsit? outpaddel? outweigh? Add a Comment View Comments (1) 17 5.06 -
13 Lane Remembering always being banished to the "little kids table" during Thanksgiving...the grandkids got their revenge later in life during a harbor tour, banishing the grandparents to the "overflow tag-along" raft. Add a Comment 17 4.94 -
14 Mike K Captivated by the film Cocoon, these senile and delusional seniors swear they've found the river that ensures them eternal youth. Add a Comment 17 4.88 -
15 Steve Cruise ships just don't have the allure they used to. Add a Comment 18 4.78 -
16 Mike K "Who needs Dr. Kevorkian? We'll just paddle out then jump in!" Add a Comment 17 4.76 -
17 Cray Book of Mormon enthusiasts decide to recreate Lehi"s voyage to the promised land Add a Comment 17 4.71 -
18 Brent Jordan (right) and Trent (left) are still lost on the Green River. Michelle (middle) curses the day she didn't ride in Lane and Mike's raft. Add a Comment 17 4.65 -
19 Lane Tired of 'The Price is Right' reruns and eating at Chuck-A-Rama? Want to be active and have endless energy, like you were 18 again? Introducing WELLBUTRIN*, new from Pfizer. Ask your doctor if Wellbutrin is right for you.

*Side effects include accelerated aging, baldness, chilly knees, and rigor mortis of the right hand. Add a Comment
17 4.65 -
20 Amy M "After eating 10,000 popsicles for the sticks to make this thing, I am too fat to row."
Add a Comment View Comments (1)
17 4.65 -
21 Michelle This was shaping up to be the best field trip ever for these residents of the Shady Grove Retirement Community. Harry pretended he was Willy Wonka on his chocolate river, Marge brought along her invisible dog Walter, and Edna...well, you know Edna--she kept her eyes closed and never stopped shouting, "I'm sparkling! I'm sparkling!" Add a Comment 17 4.65 -
22 Michael "Whatever you do guys DON'T TOUCH THE WATER! It looks a bit contaminated. See look what I just found" Add a Comment 17 4.47 -
23 Cray Alright hit it. Add a Comment 17 4.47 -
24 Amy M Thanks to Violet's ingenious creation during arts and crafts these three found their ticket out of the Riverside Old Fart's home, so what if the conversation is lacking and repetitive, they're FREE. Add a Comment 17 4.29 -
25 Joel "Why does it feel like we're going in circles." Add a Comment 17 4.29 -
26 Lane Wilfred: "Why did you stop paddling, Ethel, we're almost there. C'mon, put your BACK into it!"
Ethel: "Oh put a sock in it! I can't move my fingers...maybe you should take a turn, Beatrice." Add a Comment
17 4.24 -
27 Michael Refugess from the lakeside retirement home in the background.

"We're free! FREE!" Add a Comment
17 4.24 -
28 Casey Lane, I didn't know that your dad was a polygamist! Add a Comment View Comments (1) 17 4.18 -
29 Michael With their makeshift raft, they paddle their way to a deserted island in search of buried treasure, living out their pirate fantisies.

"Ahoy Captian, I see gold!"

"That's not gold you landlubber, that's sand." Add a Comment
17 4.18 -
30 Nate You know you have it good when these are your in-laws. Add a Comment 17 4.18 -
31 Amy M Let us see which of the three of us can look more homely, shall we? Okay on the count of 3, 1...2...3...I'd say they all did a fairly good job. Add a Comment 17 4.06 -
32 Nate This is what Lane did with all the 'anonymous' users so there will be less crappy captions. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 17 3.88 -
33 Jeff T "Where's the kraut and Bratwurst?" Add a Comment View Comments (3) 17 3.18 -